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   Chapter 675 Misty (Part One)

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Love should never stem from pity nor is it a product to be exchanged for. Love is about the ups and downs of life and how we expect to go through all of this with our chosen lover. We look forward to it while we hesitate in face of it.


Hannah bit her lips hard and tightened the grip of her hands on the quilt. She looked like she was holding her tears back as she stared at Brian. She spoke in a quivering voice, "Mr. Brian Long, I was drunk. You came on to me, not the other way around..." She turned her face aside and bit her lips, letting her tears finally fall on her cheeks. Gritting her teeth, she continued, "Please go away... as if I, I..." She didn't finish her sentence and just started sobbing.

Brian looked at Hannah apathetically. Neither her tears nor her words could affect him in the least.

Brian gazed at her for a moment and then turned around and left, without saying a word.

Hannah's tears stopped as soon as she saw the door slam shut in front of her. Squinting slightly and gritting her teeth, she mumbled to herself, "Brian Long, I swear to God that I'll have you this time."


Brian went downstairs. Instead of returning to the wine party, he went straight to the underground parking lot and found Victor's car. Taking a look at the locked door of the car, he took a very thin steel wire out of his wallet. It only took him several minutes to open the car door without damaging it.

Brian got on the car. He turned the backrest down and leaned against it. He frowned so hard that his brows started to knit too.

Even if he was drugged, he could still tell the girl he was chasing was Molly. But Hannah was right there when he woke up in the bed.


His cellphone vibrated. He took it out from his pocket.

"Where are you?" Victor's voice came through slowly on the other side of the phone.

"In your car!"

Brian answered, then he heard laughter on the phone. Victor ridiculed him, "Mr. Brian Long, do you really think the world's that dull without Molly?"

Brian's eyes darkened at that. He spoke harshly, "Well, if you want to walk all the way, I don't mind driving your..."

"No!" Victor cried. "By the way, I can see Wing. She's being circled by several men."

"She can handle herself."

"How evil are you..."


Brian had hung up the phone on Victor so Victor just shrugged and looked back at Wing who was wearing a purple dress and surrounded by several men. So he turned around and started walking back to the parking lot.

As soon as he got on the

and said, "Let's go, it's getting late."

"You're lying!" Molly looked at Spark. "Look at me and say that again! Look at me!"

Spark frowned but he looked at Molly straight in the eye and said through clenched teeth, "I don't love playing anymore." He had to force out every word.

Molly felt like she was going to faint. She took two steps backwards, shaking her head, refusing to believe what she'd just heard. "Spark, you're betraying yourself!" she cried.

Her eyes were filled with disappointment because she had never spoken to Spark like this before.

Spark's heart ached. Violin was just as important to him as Molly was and he had lost both in one day. No one knew how painful that was except for himself.

He just had to pretend he didn't care because what else could he do?

"Yes, I'm into desserts now and that was my mother's favorite," Spark said with a smile. His face looked rather relaxed. He was still arrogant as he had been, but something was different about him.

"Ha ha!" Molly started laughing as she looked at Spark who was standing in front of her and it felt like she couldn't recognize him anymore. "Spark, I don't know, this is so strange," she said as she turned around to leave. After taking a few steps, she paused and turned her head slightly and spoke through gritted teeth, "I won't ever come back to the shop. And don't you ever come see me again. There's only one Spark I know and that's the one confident on stage not some ridiculous old man running a cake shop."

Then Molly disappeared as she walked farther. Spark didn't try to chase her or do anything. Instead, he just stood idly there staring into thin air. His eyes were glassy.

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