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   Chapter 674 The Plot (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7833

Updated: 2019-05-16 00:02

They had walked to the same spot where they had lingered for a while the last time. Spark placed the violin on his shoulder, looking affectionately at Molly. She sat silently on a grey stone. She sat still, not affected by her surroundings. She couldn't even identify where she was at the moment. All the luster on her face had gone.

Spark took the fiddle bow and slowly placed it on the cord. He was nervous beyond words. This was a gesture he had attempted many a time for the past several months. But he had failed every single time. Music had left his soul and his violin made no sound. The consequence was that he was filled with fear whenever he took up his violin and that fear had intensified as time had passed.

Spark swallowed to steady himself. He was doing this for Molly. He was hoping that his music would bring her back. He closed his eyes and tried to play a tune. But it was not his soft, melodious music that came out of it. The cord vibrated to produce a coarse noise, like a braying call.

Molly was startled by the noise and was released from her trance. She looked at Spark in a daze. In the dim light of the setting sun, he was shrouded in an aura of mystery. Since his facial features were only half-visible, Molly could not read the expression on his face. But somehow, she could feel the sheer desperation that had seized him and it was dragging him into the abyss of hopelessness.

"Spark..." uttered Molly blankly as she stood up and walked towards him.

"Wow!" Spark jumped at her voice. He said in a joking tone, "I was hoping that might work. You really came back to yourself."

Molly looked at his face, which still had the smile that belonged to a proud violinist. She frowned, wondering what Spark was hiding under that seemingly relaxed smile. But she read nothing on his face.

She lowered her gaze and her eyes settled on the violin in Spark's hand. It was his violin. "Spark, you and Wing haven't been in touch for a while, have you? Can't you..." Molly stopped mid-sentence as she was frighted by her own question. It must be a nightmare for Spark. But she still wanted to know the answer, "Can't you play?"

The answer was obvious. Spark couldn't look at her. He lowered his eyes and kept them on the ground. A painful glint flashed in them. He didn't want Molly to see it. "No, I can't play

ifying that she could not help but shudder. But she had to remain calm, at least pretend as much as possible. "You raped me, Brian. You know it. How could you say that to me?" She panted in her fury, "Yes, I love you and I want to be with you. But do you think that I need to win your heart by sliding into your bed? The Song family is renowned in A City. As a member of the Songs, I will always live up to my family's reputation."

"Then why are you here?" Brian asked, his voice laced in suspicion.

"I was drunk, so I came here to get some rest. But you followed me in and..." her eyes turned red as they were bathed in tears, "I don't know what happened after that. I was so drunk..."

Brian frowned and started to get anxious. Somehow, Hannah's words were consistent with his blurry memories. But Molly's familiar scent was so tangible that he had no reason to doubt it. But it was Hannah on his bed now. Her blue dress was wrinkled, and her crystal tear-filled eyes, when masked, resembled that of Molly's when she was sad. He had to admit that their eyes really had something in common. But he wasn't satisfied. He needed proof. He said in a cold tone, "I'll look into it. You'd better pray that you had no part to play in this."

His words were so full of hatred and cruelty that it turned the whole room into a cell of ice. Hannah clenched her teeth in secret. But in front of Brian, she had to squeeze out more tears to make her crystal eyes look more pitiful.

With her eyes that resembled Molly's, she gazed at Brian, unwilling to look away.

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