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   Chapter 672 The Plot (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7414

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The fact is we were just a step away from the happiness that we had longed for or probably a step ahead due to our rashness.

We saw it slip away when it was just within our arm's reach.

Molly followed Spark downstairs. But her heart did not accompany her because it chose to be left behind in the room with Brian. She felt a sweet nostalgic pain in her heart when she had seen him there. She had no idea that he would be here too. The current situation was indeed beyond her expectations. They hadn't seen each other in quite a while. And now, Molly suddenly realized that she was living a lie which she had made up in her mind. After all the pain and the heartache, she still loved Brian. She was willing to give up everything, even her pride, for him.

Yes, she had once thrown away the ring he had given her. But she had also painstakingly searched to retrieve it back in complete darkness. She carried the ring with her wherever she went, like it were a part of her. She had gone mad with rage after finding out that Fly had thrown it away, and had dashed in search of it like a lunatic, regardless of the pouring rain. She wished to hold on tight to the ring that Brian had given her, though she had manifested a strong intention to leave him. Her true desire became more and more conspicuous as time went by. Since the ring was the only thing she had in hand testifying the love between her and Brian, she couldn't afford to lose it.

"Mol... Mol?"

a gentle voice spoke to Molly by her ear. It brought Molly back from her distant land. She turned and saw Spark's amber eyes under his mask. "What?" asked Molly with a confused look.

Spark frowned as he looked into her eyes and asked with concern, "Are you feeling okay, Mol? Are you drunk?"

"I..." answered Molly, her lips trembling, "I'm fine. I'm just a little dizzy." Her body was sour from the crazy lovemaking. Brian had lasted longer than usual and his lust was uncontrollable. And unlike before, Brian had thrust into her so fiercely, like he wanted to embed his body completely into hers. It was like he was trying to claim her as his own.

Spark looked at her zoned out face. Instead of asking anymore questions, Spark said flatly, "I'll

had always had a serious approach towards sex. Even if she was drunk, she would only surrender her body to someone she loved. So it was obvious that it must have been Brian in that room.

He sighed in defeat.

A bitter smile of mockery broke across his face. He closed his eyes in despair, trying to ignore the pain in his heart.

No matter how much he tried, he would never be the one for her.

Molly felt anxious as she got off on the floor where the room was situated. She had asked for the backup room-card from the attendant. The thick carpet ate away the sound of her footsteps. Molly felt nervous as she approached the room step by step. She was so flustered that she could clearly hear the throbs of her heart inside her chest.

Molly bit her lips to rally her courage. She stood in front of the door and looked at it, afraid of opening it. She wondered how she could face Brian if she went into the room and found him awake. But the truth was that neither of them were unaware of what was happening. They knew full well that they were making crazy love.

Molly reached out her hand slowly for the door knob, and put the room card close to the sensor. The door unlocked with a beep. She turned the knob as gently as she could, lest the noise wake Brian up.

As she was about to enter the dark room, she heard a fit of panting from inside and a woman's sensual murmurs. Molly stopped in her tracks and her hand froze on the doorknob.

"Be gentle, Brian..."

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