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   Chapter 671 The Love Poison

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9492

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Even if two people in love can't see each other, their deep desires for one another rooted in their bodies will bring them back to familiarity. By uniting themselves together in all ways possible, they can experience utmost satisfaction.

Molly's head was throbbing and a dull, dizzying sensation pounded in her ears. The heavy amount of alcohol she imbibed was taking its effect.

Her eyes were seeing double and her legs were wobbly as she tried to walk straight, which was not very straight for a drunk person. She tried to swipe the card on the door sensor a few times but it didn't work. The delayed effects of the alcohol were getting stronger. She felt sick, shut her eyes and shook her head. When she opened them again her vision was only getting blurrier. She was bound to fall any minute from her drunken stupor.

Meanwhile, behind Molly, Brian's brows knitted closer and his teeth clenched as he fought against the sudden strange, hot sensation heating up the insides of his body. He seemed to lose strength all of a sudden so he hastily braced his arms on the wall to support himself and prevent his body from collapsing. The hot feeling in his body wasn't subsiding anytime soon. He panted heavily as his eyes filled with the fiery flames of desire. He tilted his head up slightly to look at Molly, who was wearing a nicely cut blue dress and white mask in front of him. He relaxed a bit and felt a little relieved.

He knew that he had been given some sort of poisonous substance, which was not supposed to have such a strong effect on him as he had trained for this prior to becoming the leader of XK Intelligence Agency. His breaths were labored and beads of sweat formed on the temples of his face. However, when he saw Mol's figure before him he felt his control slip away and he couldn't contain the raging desire inside him anymore. He felt so lucky all of a sudden at that moment. The girl he had been missing all this time but had no contact with whatsoever was just right in front of him.

Brian's breaths got heavier and his vision got a bit cloudier. With gritted teeth he trudged towards Molly with his increasingly weak body.

Meanwhile, after a few more tries of swiping the key card Molly heard the satisfying beeping sound and the door finally unlocked. She felt even more light-headed than possible as she struggled to maintain her balance. The alcohol was taking its toll and she was losing her mind. She wobbled and entered the room. Just as her slender hand touched the heavy wood of the door and was about to close it, someone barged in and then closed the door shut. Before she could even react, her back was pressed against the door in one swift motion. After the sound of the door being shut hot lips crashed against hers and tangled in a strong passionate kiss.

"Mmmph…" Molly's eyes widened li

had a strong urge to just bust the door open and shoot them both in the face. However, she managed to suppress that urge.

She had everything set up for this plan, but Molly had taken advantage of it. Hannah's eyes grew darker and her lips curled up into a wicked smirk. Looking at where Molly and Spark disappeared, she took out her phone and dialed a number and ordered through the line: "Execute Plan B. Also, keep an eye on the woman wearing a blue dress and a white Bauhinia mask."

Hannah hung up the call and looked at the closed door of Brian's room. She muttered to herself, "Molly, even if it was you, so what? When he wakes up I'll make sure that he will still see me first!"

Hannah took out a VVIP universal key card and swiped it on the door. She walked into the room and shut the door quietly. She then stood at the foot of the bed watching Brian in his deep sleep, her teeth clenched in irritation.

She had exhausted all her efforts to find such a love poison from a witch, because it was different from the usual poison--as it could not be curbed and had to be released, and it had to be released precisely. She had counted her fertile days and ovulation period and organized the wine party with her grandpa's assistance. She even covered her face with a mask, dressed up accordingly and pretended to be Molly just to create something with him, but now it seemed that all her efforts were in vain.

"Buzz.." Her phone rang. She picked up the call and put the device near her ear.

"Miss, the woman you said went upstairs."

"Which floor?"

"The same floor where you are now."

When she heard those words, she laughed softly with mirth and squinted her eyes, and saw a handbag fall to the ground a few meters away. She hung up the call and slowly said, "It looks like everything wasn't in vain after all…

At least now…I can kill two birds with one stone!"

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