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   Chapter 670 An Interesting Coincidence (Part Four)

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Her lips still curved into a smile, Wing continued to scan the rest area. Again she thought she saw someone else that was familiar. Judging by the figure that was clearly outlined even under dim lights, she asked Spark, "Is that Molly?"

Hearing her speculation, Spark frowned and felt uneasy. In response, Wing chuckled at his reaction. Laughing, she said, "Don't worry. Brian doesn't come to these events. He has absolutely no interest in such occasions, and wine parties are too boring and dull for him," she pointed out.

With a bitter smile, Spark complained, "It's not right for you to be saying that."

"Oh? And why is that?" Wing urged him on. Sipping her juice, she continued, "Is it because Molly is Brian's wife?" She answered herself. "If two people do not love each other, the marriage is not going to last at all, and they will leave each other eventually. It will be better for them to part from one another and find someone more suitable for them than to stick it out with each other in great pain and anguish. I think a person can always find happiness although they can't necessarily share that happiness," she said wisely.

Her profound words left Spark dumbfounded. It dawned on him that he knew so little about this woman in front of him. She was brilliant, talented and had a face like an angel. She also had a great husband willing to stand beside her and support her unconditionally. Spark knew well that Wing was kind, but did not expect her to be so wise.

"Don't look so strange," Wing smiled at him as she saw Spark's reaction. "Only those who have truly loved would understand the simple fact that love should be protected and nurtured by two people. So, good luck to you!" Wing wished him well.

She rose her bottle of juice still in hand. Then she turned around and walked away gracefully, leaving Spark with a feeling that a saint had come out of seclusion to give him some wise advice. He fixed his eyes on Wing's elegant back and became lost in thought.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Spark walked over to Molly

he winding corridor. Brian shut his eyes for a moment and swallowed hard to stay calm and sober and quench the fire inside his body. He bit the bullet and continued following the woman. As he reached the winding hallway, Brian saw the figure entering a room at the end of the corridor.

His forehead was now covered in cold sweat, an indication that he was on the verge of a breakdown. But Brian narrowed his eagle-like eyes and forced himself to continue the chase. At the same time, he knew he needed to spare his strength to control the weird sensations in his body. He gritted his teeth and continued the pursuit. At that exact moment, the elevator in the middle of the hallway opened, and a woman in a blue dress stepped out. It was Molly. She was feeling very dizzy because the alcohol's effects were in full force. She tottered to the right room, based on the number in her card key.

The alcohol seemed to overwhelm her, and she was now seeing double images. Molly succeeded in opening her room and was about to close it when a man suddenly stuck his hand to keep it from closing and squeezed his way inside the room. The door closed shut. Now, there were two disoriented people inside the room, Molly and Brian.

Before Molly was fully aware that someone had slipped inside the room, she felt burning, passionate lips on her own. The lips of a man full of desire.

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