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   Chapter 669 An Interesting Coincidence (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5972

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Licking her lips first, then licking the remains of the wine on her lips into her mouth, Molly admitted it tasted nice. She sighed deeply as if the wine evoked mixed feelings in her mind and the complex memory hidden deep in her heart. Without warning, she grabbed the glass of wine in Spark's hand and laid it on the table. To Spark, she said, "Give this to me. You take another one. This is just for me."

Even intoxicated and her words slurred, Molly spoke cheerily. A small smile lit her face, making Spark lose the ability to say no. He knew very well that he could not stop Molly. However, as the words hung in her lips, he still couldn't say it aloud. So, what he did was to nod in agreement.

"I'll wait for you over there," Molly pointed to a place for rest next to the dining area. After getting your drink, meet me there."

After saying this, she walked away hastily with her food plate and sparkling wine before Spark could regret agreeing to Molly drinking so much.

Meanwhile, Brian sat frowning slightly annoyed that it had already been an hour since Victor left. He took out his mobile phone to send him a text message.

Molly was headed to the rest area searching for an empty chair. She singled out one suitable area and took a seat. After sitting down, her eyes scanned the place for Spark. As she did, she saw a man seated in a corner, wearing a black suit with a black and gold mask. The way he held himself reminded her of Brian. Only someone like Brian would have a bearing like that as if he was the king of the underworld and had the power to rule one's life and decide their fate.

Unconsciously, Molly curled her lips and sneered. Then she lifted the glass of sparkling wine and gulped it down in one breath. At that point, Brian had already sent the t

ance between them.

The cat-and-mouse chase continued outside of the venue, while people inside went on having a wonderful and enchanting time, no one noticed this hilarious situation. Men and women on the dance floor, wearing a variety of distinctive masks, had loosened up and were dancing with wild abandon, or talking and drinking excessively without fear, regardless of their identities and status.

Wing walked elegantly to the bar. She turned her head towards the rest area with a bottle of juice in hand. Scanning the place, she thought she saw someone who looked familiar. Wing looked at Spark thoroughly from head to foot before asking a little uncertain, "Spark? Is that you?" She had to raise her voice to be heard over the noise.

Spark heard his name and turned around to meet Wing's gaze. He noted she was dressed elegantly in purple, and without a doubt said, "Wing?" It was thrilling to recognize someone even with masks on.

Wing was beaming with a huge and sweet smile and said, "I didn't expect you to be here because I know how you used to refuse to attend any social functions."

"Well, I was bored and had nothing else to do. So, here I am," Spark replied.

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