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   Chapter 668 An Interesting Coincidence (Part Two)

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For himself, Victor selected a narrow, hollowed-out, metal gray mask that was unadorned but hard. The mask was a dramatic contrast to his light and flawless skin and complimented his strong yet flexible character. After inspecting Brian and himself, Victor was satisfied with his choices. Nodding, he said, "Let's go, Mr. Brian Long." Walking faster, Victor entered the hall ahead and left Brian. "I need to do something first. You go ahead and join the party. I'll look for you later."

There was no response from Brian, who strode inside the hall with his face impassive. It suddenly occurred to him that he was crazy coming to this foolish and meaningless party hoping to get rid of Molly.

As the two handsome gentlemen entered the venue, a man stationed near the reception desk and tasked to hand out the masks, asked to be excused for a while. He turned into a corner, out of everyone's view and took out an inter-phone. Speaking into it, he said, "Miss, Mr. Brian Long has entered the venue and is wearing the No.1 mask."

Hannah, who received the message, was currently painting her nails. After hearing the report from her subordinate, she stopped what she was doing and smiled wildly. "Okay, I know. You did a good job. Tomorrow, you can go to Black Widow. She'll hand over the stuff I promised to give you."

His lips broke into a huge smile. "Thank you. Thank you so much, Miss!"

As their conversation ended, Spark, in a lake-blue suit, entered the hotel lobby with Molly, who was in a blue dress as well. They proceeded to the reception desk to choose their masks. Of the many laid out, Spark selected a white one with a blue feather for himself and picked out one he thought would suit Molly. Like his mask, it was also white but had a big flower made of white silk and a feather. It looked remarkably holy and flexible, especially once Molly fixed it on her beautiful face. Her shining eyes gave off just enough light under the mask.

Smiling, Spark said, "Let's go!" Molly blew out a breath and followed him.

When they arrived at the venue, it was dark and dim, with only a few lights on. Except for the dining area, almost every place was dark, creating a sexy and seductive atmosphere.

A mass of people, both from legal and illegal industries,

ued to stare at the area where Brian sat and watched as the waiter walked over to him to offer the special drink. The moment he tossed its contents into his mouth, Hannah felt extremely satisfied and laughed aloud. She felt a flash of light in her eyes as if her dream was about to come true. She held a small bottle containing the liquid she poured into the wine glass, which now shone even under the dim light. Hannah looked around like a thief, afraid to be discovered. Her heart pounded with excitement and a little hesitation.

With a food plate in hand, Molly walked over to the bar to get a drink. The vision of two glasses of sparkling wine sitting on top of an ice barrel had her suddenly lost in thought. Her brooding eyes began to get blurry.

"Mol?" she heard someone call her name. It was Spark speaking softly and tenderly amid the noise.

But Molly didn't respond. Instead, she set the plate down on the table and picked up a glass of pink sparkling wine with tiny bubbles floating up and down. Finally, she said, "Don't worry about me. I'm fine, really. I'm just obsessed by the smell of this particular wine."

Her answer sparked a little curiosity in Spark, who followed Molly and laid down his food plate in order to take another glass of sparkling wine. Without being aware of it, Molly had swallowed an entire glass of wine in one gulp. Spark slightly frowned at this and said, "Although the alcohol content of this wine isn't high, the way you drank it could still get you easily drunk."

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