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   Chapter 667 An Interesting Coincidence (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7125

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"Since you don't seem too busy these days, how about being my female companion?"

The proposition made Molly frown slightly. If not for Spark's reminder, she would have nearly forgotten that Brian hardly showed her any concern these days. So, the question brought her mixed feelings.

"What?" Molly asked as she snapped back to reality.

After thinking silently, Molly lifted her head and replied, "All right. I'll go with you."

Her affirmative response brought a wicked yet elegant smile to Spark's lips. Speaking softly, he told Molly, "Just have fun and forget about unpleasant things so you can drive your cares away."

Molly stared at him before her lips curled into a bitter smile. Then she looked out the window again. Her once twinkling eyes grew dimmer and dimmer. She told herself, 'Don't worry. Everything will eventually end.'


Grand Night Casino was packed. Vehicles occupied every available parking slot, while people hoping to enter the place crowded outside the casino. Inside, guests were jostling on the casino floor, either as players or spectators.

Jason led Victor to the monitoring room on the top floor. Brian was waiting for Victor inside the room, with two glasses of wine ready on the table. Brian picked up a glass and handed it to him.

Due to a bad cold, Brian still felt sick and looked pale and withered. Victor stared at him and accepted the wine. At the same time, he tried to make it sound like a joke as he said, "Yo, we haven't seen each other for so many years. Now, we meet here, and I'm looking at someone so pale and more dead than alive."

Meeting Victor's gaze, Brian curled his thin lips into a faint smile. He ignored the question about his appearance and asked his own. "Did you come here for Mr. Song's wine party?"

"I don't even have the slightest interest in that," Victor said, slumping down on the sofa. "I heard that the one I've been looking for is here in A City and is attending Mr. Song's wine party to finalize a deal. That's the reason I'm here," Victor explained his presence.

"Just for that you come here in person?" Brian asked incredulously. He

or for them. Victor got off and tossed the car keys to the parking valet attendant. Then he and Brian walked into the hotel, slowly with masculine grace. The two gentlemen both wore a black suit. Victor paired this with a royal blue shirt, while Brian also wore a black shirt inside. Their stately and stylish movements highlighted their good looks and well-toned bodies. One was passionate like fire, the other cold as ice. Ladies, young and not so young, were thrilled by the fierce contrast between the two men with one or two smitten by either man. But Victor and Brian were oblivious to the admiring glances and the hotel surroundings as they proceeded to the ballroom.

Victor approached the reception desk and saw the masks laid out on tables, so guests can choose what they wanted. He thought for a while then with a frivolous smile, selected two and went back to Brian. He threw one to the other man and said, "Here you are!"

Brian caught the mask mid-air. It was black and gold with gold trim. The color and design gave it an air of nobility, elegance, and mystery. A black feather was attached to one side that made the face mask appear wilder and more attractive. Carelessly, Brian put on the black-gold mask, which nearly covered half of his face but perfectly matched his all-black attire. The color scheme gave Brian a look of sexual wildness and insolence further adding to his arrogance and mystery.

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