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   Chapter 666 Her High Fever And His Bad Cold (Part Three)

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"Really?" Molly asked with surprise as she grabbed Wing's hand excitedly. Her eyes were glittering with joy. This was the best news she'd had in days.

Wing nodded in reply, "Yes, and then..." She paused for a second, "By then, Richie and Shirley can already send him back."

Tears rolled down Molly's cheeks. All of a sudden, she felt that nothing else mattered anymore. As long as Mark was safe and healthy, nothing else mattered.


At the Empire Hospital in A City.

Becky was lying on the bed in a senior ward. She stared at the doctor standing in front of her and asked weakly, "Besides the fact that I won't be able to stand anymore, anything else you're hiding from me?"

"Miss Yan," the doctor replied with a sigh, "During the car accident, the broken guardrail stabbed into your waist and cut your womb. Your womb actually bled heavily. To ensure the safety of your life, we talked to Mr. Brian Long and decided to remove your womb."

Becky stared with her eyes widened. She fluttered her lids and asked blankly, "You mean... You mean I can't get pregnant?"

The doctor sighed and nodded.

Becky's breathing became shallow and difficult. She looked towards the ceiling and murmured with horror, "No, it can't be, it can't be..."

"Miss Yan," the doctor tried to console her, "What's important now is that you're alive."

"Shut up! I don't even want to be alive!" Becky suddenly screamed hysterically. She shouted at the doctor, "Why didn't you just let me die? Why did you save my life? Now I can't get pregnant with Brian! I won't ever be a mother of our kid!"

The doctor frowned at her words. He wanted to remind her that Brian was already married and was already a father to his own son. But he decided against it—it was never wise to argue with a patient who just received terrible news.

While Becky was still flipping out, suddenly the door flew open and two men in suits came inside. They wore a platinum-edged shield logo of the Dragon Island on their chest, which meant they were members of the Dragon Island Royal Guards.

"Miss Yan," one of them said, "your father is suspected of disrupting the political order of the Dragon Island. You need to come with us. We need to investigate you."

Becky froze. She stared blankly at the two men, then she suddenly realized that she hadn't seen her dad since she woke up. She asked, "Where's my dad?"

"He's in prison and he'll be sentenced soon," the man spoke harshly.


"Really? That sounds interesting!" "Doesn't it? They said it's going to be a masked ball!"

"Oh really? A group of people from the underworld attending a masked ball? Wow, that sounds so funny!"

"Hey, didn't you know that even people like them like to enjoy things like this too, you know. Besides, it's fun to follow trends nowadays. In fact, I'd be interested in that."

"So are you going then?"

"Of course, so many famous people are coming and who knows? I might bump into someone really cute! Don't you want to take chance too?"

"Hmm! Sounds fun! Maybe, I will try!"

The two girls at the other table both burst into laughter.

"Are you going?" Spark turned to Wing and asked. For the sake of Molly, he had tried to learn about the people in Brian's life so he was very well aware of Mr. Song and Wing's relationship.

"Why wouldn't I?" Wing raised an eyebrow, "What about you? I think you got an invitation."

"I'll think about it," Spark tapped his fingers on the table as he stole a glance at Molly. Molly was looking out of the window in a trance, and she seemed to be totally out of it.

He learned from Myra that Molly had fallen ill after that day they got soaked in the rain. When she came back to work, she was already fully recovered, but Spark noticed that she looked different. She looked tired and she looked unsatisfied.

Molly was trapped in her daze until Wing left the table to answer a call thus leaving her and Spark alone.

"Mol, do you want to go to the masked ball?" Spark suddenly asked, a grin plastered on his face.

"You seem to be chill nowadays so do you want to come with me?"

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