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   Chapter 664 Her High Fever And His Bad Cold (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7021

Updated: 2019-05-14 00:02

If I ever become a burden to you, I would gladly walk away and support you from the sidelines. Just know that every time you get tired and you need to rest, just turn your back and I'll be there, waiting.


Brian froze there and watched them hugging each other in the rain. The heavy rain kept pelting down from above. Raindrops fell down from the edges of his umbrella and formed a curtain of water which blurred his vision.

He slowly turned around, and left quietly as if he had never been there. The sound of the rain pitter-pattering chimed with the sound of his foot steps. Even though he was practically drenched in the rain, he maintained a blank expression on his face.

Brian stopped by the Sasha Music Troupe office. He raised his head and looked towards the cake shop across the street. Green words were written across the billboard which was decorated with an array of sunflowers. The words read, "The Summer Breeze! It's always the summer breeze here."

Brian's gaze deepened as he stared at those words. As he withdrew his gaze, he started walking towards his car. He tilted his head towards the direction of the Sasha Music Troupe office as he sat in his car. He looked downcast now.

He started the car and it sped off in the heavy rain leaving the Sasha Music Troupe office far behind it. Only by driving at such a speed could he finally let out what he was really feeling.


"Mol, you should get changed. Let's go to my shop," Spark suggested. He looked concerned when he saw Molly was dripping wet.

Molly gripped the ring tightly in her fist and nodded sluggishly. Spark helped her stand on her feet, as they slowly made their way towards the cake shop.

"Welcome to... Sir?" The waiter stopped at the sight of wet Molly and Spark. His eyes widened, "Sir, what did you do in the rain?"

Spark spared him by ignoring. The waiter pursed his lips and stepped aside to let them in.

Manny, who was just stepping out from the inside, frowned at this sight. Before he could even say anything, Spark ordered, "Nanny, get clothes for Molly to get changed in. O

said, "Mrs. Molly Long, it's a cold night and Mr. Brian Long told me to prepare these for you. I hope you can finish them while they're still warm." She put the tray on the table. "I'll tidy up the dishes later," she added.

"Okay. Thank you, Lisa."

Lisa just smiled at her in response and then left.

Molly stared at the array of food in front of her—she felt bittersweet. She thought to herself, 'How could he have known?'

With a mocking smile on her face, she opened the drawer and took out the ring again. She gazed at it for a while before putting it back in the little box it came with and putting it back in the drawer.

She just started getting dizzier and her throat was burning. Molly drank the soup and took a hot bath but she just felt even worse.

Molly didn't feel like eating anymore and she felt so tired that she rolled into bed and soon enough, she was fast asleep.

She heard a knock on the door. She wanted to open her mouth but her throat was too dry for her to speak. She heard someone stepping into the room, sighing heavily beside her bed, and then leaving the room.

Molly's body kept switching from hot to cold—throughout the night she would find herself curling up in her quilt only to kick it off a few minutes later. Either way, she wasn't feeling good at all.

"Ugh..." Molly let out a grunt of pain. She curled up into a ball and knitted her brows.

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