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   Chapter 663 Love is Never Easy to Let Go (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8707

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"Give it to me," Molly's words were curt and intimidating.

But Fly managed to play tough and answered, "No." Then she scoffed and continued, "Molly, you're indeed a little bitch. You're a two-timer flirt. You're not contented with one man; you seduced both Spark and Brian. Look at you, you slut..."

Bang! Fly didn't even finish her insulting words when Molly slapped her.

That harsh slap astonished every one watching. The onlookers looked at them, then at each other, wondering the cause of the scene. They didn't expect the good-humored Molly to lose her temper like that. Ignoring the stare of everyone, Molly lunged on Fly, trying to snatch her ring back.

But Fly was not easy to deal with. She screamed, pushed Molly forcefully aside, and raised her hand to slap Molly back. But Molly saw through her and she dodged her attack easily.

"Molly, you bitch! You will pay for this," Fly howled madly, "How dare you hit me."

"Give me my ring!" Molly emphasized as she gnashed her teeth.

"You want the ring? Fine!" Fly roared as she glared at Molly. The next minute, she was pushing people aside to block Molly, then she opened the window.


Molly was shocked. She watched the ring fly out the window and vanish in the rain.

Indignantly, Fly looked at Molly's look of bewilderment and disbelief, then moving forward and raising her hand, she slapped Molly back.

Fly hit her so hard that Molly's head was tossed aside and her mouth was caught by her teeth. Instantly, blood filled her mouth and started streaming down the corner of her lips.

With her cold threatening eyes, Fly looked at Molly and warned her, "Molly, this isn't over."

Molly's cheek swelled right away because of the wound, and the burning ache brought her into consciousness. She looked up at Fly with equally icy look and answered calmly, "If I can't find my ring, you're gonna pay the price."

Then she stormed out after casting an intense glare at Fly. Right after she ran out of the lounge, Molly bumped into Myra and Little Cutie.

"Molly," Myra called her attention but sadly, Molly didn't stop; she just hurried forward as if she didn't see them.

Little Cutie exchanged looks with Myra. Slightly surprised, she said perplexedly, "What's the matter with Molly?"

Myra's eyes scanned the lounge and spotted Fly. She walked inside and asked, "What happened?"

Silence. Nobody answered and there was only a stunned silence inside. Nobody knew how to answer. Well, Myra played the cello, while they were all just assistants. They couldn't think of a better way to present the story to he


His heart was stung. Inside, it was bleeding. Now he understood how much Molly had loved Brian. She had always put Brian closest to her heart.

"Spark," Molly lowered her head in frustration and cried once again.

He couldn't stand seeing the woman he loved suffer like this. Without a choice, Spark said, "I'll help you."

"Thank you," Molly nodded.

Both rummaged through the grass while weathering the heavy beat of rain. It was both depressing and romantic, truth be told.

"I found it! Mol, is this your ring?" Spark asked excitedly as he held up his hand.

Molly first went blank, she was too numb to process everything, but then she rushed towards Spark. But she barely stood up before falling to the ground. She was too feeble to stand up now. All her energy had been exhausted and she seemed to lose control of her body. But what was even more surprising was that she climbed over.

She got the ring and tried to check if it was indeed her wedding ring. But the heavy raindrops prevented her from opening her eyes. It took her some serious blinks and Spark's hand-formed rainshelter to see it clearly.

It was her ring. And her blood seemed to have integrated with the blue K. At the sight of the ring, Molly couldn't help but start crying.

She clutched the ring firmly in her hand. All her grievances and anguish erupted at that moment. She hugged Spark's neck and cried sorrowfully. While sobbing, she murmured, "I found it. I found it. Finally, I found it."

Heartbroken, Spark embraced her tightly and comforted her despite the pain in his heart, "Yes, you found it."

The two held each other in the rain. At least that was what Brian saw as he stood at the corner. And it made his heart sink.

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