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   Chapter 662 Love is Never Easy to Let Go (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8610

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There was always someone whom you have loved too much to give up on. And that, was how love always worked and succeeded.

Wing chatted merrily with Mr. Song.

They were friends who shared all kinds of topics and discussed anything under the sun. Despite the huge age difference, there never seemed to be any generation gap between them.

Seeing Wing's smile, Weston also beamed heartily. He was a good listener who seldom talked, but when he did, it was always on point.

As the conversation of the two went on smoothly, Brian sat beside them, with legs crossed, and looked at them coldly. Being worldly-wise, Mr. Song knew what Brian actually came for. He could easily expose his motive but he didn't and instead, he decided to play innocent. But Brian was too patient to jump the gun. He took his time and didn't mind waiting. After all, Wing seemed to be having fun.

With his long slim fingers, he held up the saucer with the cup. The green leaves smelt fresh from the cup; the aroma was enticing yet reassuring and comforting.

Brian stared at the cup in his hand—the greenish leaves floated around. Together with its aroma, the drink was simply irresistible. He put on a light smile, put down the cup and stood up. As everyone looked at him, he explained, "I'll just get some fresh air outside." Ignoring their confused look, he strode out.

"Childlike!" Mr. Song commented as he grimaced, looking quite cute with his expression.

Wing laughed before answering, "Brian said he came here for business, or he would not have come in the first place."

"Well, I know why he came here. " Mr. Song was too sophisticated to not be able to see through him. He looked at Brian's figure and winced slightly.

"Grandfather, I'll get some fresh air as well," Hannah said coyly while her eyes lit up.

Mr. Song laughed his consent. He knew why Hannah was eager to go out. That laugh made Hannah blush. Hastily, she turned around and walked out.

Wing and Weston turned to their side to watch Hannah's willowy figure, then exchanged their looks but they just shrugged it off and acted cool and normal. "Huh, indeed, my granddaughter is courteous, but when she is in love, all her heart is hung on the guy," Mr. Song said.

Wing chuckled at his words, then added, "She is a fine lady. I'm sure she will bring an excellent man back. She won't desert you."

"Alas, she..." Mr. Song's eyes turned deep and then, he continued, "She has made up her mind. I am not able to dissuade her. But never mind, she is happy. That's what matters."

"Mr. Song," Weston chippe

hild. If I have your baby, then...'

Hannah got it all planned out. Her eyes were cunning and scheming. She would do everything to get what she wanted.


Molly stood in front of the window, gazing outside and grasping the ring tightly in her hand. Her grasp was too strong that the ring's sharp edge cut her flesh and blood was coming out of it. Yet she had no idea of any of this. She just gaped outside, her mind at a loss.

Rainy days tend to make people sentimental, reflecting and reminiscing. She used to be too busy to enjoy watching the rain or be sentimental. Yet now, she seemed too soaked in sorrow and memories. And these memories kept on haunting and enslaving her. She wanted to forget them all. She wanted to escape. Yet every time she tried, she just got pulled back into the harsh reality hopelessly.

Slowly, Molly drew back her sight and blinked her deep dry eyes. She lifted her hand which was clasped too tightly, then unfolded it. The ring was already stained with her blood, which reminded her that she was weak and vulnerable.

'Molly, stop thinking about these things. Don't think about him any more. He would always be out of your league whether you marry him or not.'

As Molly argued to herself and her thoughts chaotically ran through her mind, the ring on her palm was suddenly grabbed by someone from her hand. Surprised, she opened her eyes wide and saw Fly.

"Give it back to me," Molly said, her voice cold and ruthless, as she extended her bleeding hand forward.

Fly was quite shocked by Molly's cruel look. Intuitively, she planned to return the ring, but she was stopped by another woman beside her. She instantly put on a sneering look and refused, "No way."

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