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   Chapter 661 Several Scenes (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6335

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Since A City was in neither sea nor land boundaries, it had caused drug dealings to sprout everywhere mostly because its economy was largely dependent on casinos and it was no secret that if there was gambling, most likely there would be pornography and drug usage too. This meant the city was already boiling underneath. It was just being covered by a very expensive pot lid. Edgar knew, from his five years here, that while the situation could be controlled, it couldn't be stopped altogether. And what more if you wanted to control the figures, that was even more difficult.

Jennifer swiftly stared at Edgar—an air of arrogance wafting around her.

"I," Edgar said rather calmly and gravely, "will be waiting for that."

He kept his eyes on Jennifer for a moment before withdrawing his sight. He continued to preside the meeting in that rigid way of his. It wasn't until their meeting was over and Edgar had finally left the room that everyone was able to catch their breath. They also all turned to look at Jennifer sympathetically.

Edgar returned to his office, followed by Bill. "Sir, we already know what happened in Becky Yan's accident," Bill said.

"It's the International Black League's operational methods," Edgar said flatly. He threw his notebook on his desk and turned around to look at Bill, who looked shocked. Edgar added, "It's also their operational method to make a dead person die a second time. It's nothing new."

"Then, should we continue the investigation?" Bill prompted, confused. He wondered why Edgar would ask him to investigate when he already knew everything.

"No," Edgar said as he looked out the window. The sky looked as heavy as his heart felt. In reality, he asked Bill to investigate still because he wanted to prove something. "Let the police handle it," he added.

Bill curled his mouth and shrugged, "Okay. Then I'll go back to work."

. Song grinned from ear to ear. "I love it! Come in, come in," he said.

When they were all inside the house, Hannah walked towards them with a pot of tea in her hands before they even sat down. She greeted them and poured tea for them looking so pleasant.

"Let's try the Longjing Tea, which is from my collection," Mr. Song offered. He glanced at Wing and said, "If you like this, you can take some home."

"Well, I can't say no to that," Wing said with a smile. Her eyes lit up as she picked up her tea and smelled it—she couldn't help but nod vigorously, "Mm, it's good."

"Ha ha! Of course, this is a very special day because you're here! I'll only ever serve you the good stuff," Mr. Song chirped. He mostly chatted with Wing and said a few words every now and then to Weston but throughout the entire time, he didn't even so much as glance at Brian.

Wing was already used to that—it had always been like that whenever they were both in the same room.

Hannah was sitting aside in a lovely manner, with a soft smile always on her face, which looked peaceful and clever. However, she took a look at Brian by accident once in a while. When Brian picked up the cup and drank the tea, the smile at the corners of her mouth turned deeper.


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