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   Chapter 660 Several Scenes (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6274

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Since Molly was spared her commute for that day, she was an hour early to work. She felt sad for the people who were crowding at the bus stop.

"Have you had breakfast?" Eric asked as he turned his head to look at her. Without waiting for her to answer, he continued, "I just got off my flight and haven't had breakfast yet."

Molly glanced back at Eric and it was quite easy to tell that he just wanted to have breakfast with her but still she said, "No, I've eaten."

"Okay then, just come with me while I eat," Eric smiled shamelessly. "After all, you're a bit early and you still have a lot of time."

"..." Her eyes still sullen—she was too exhausted both physically and mentally to argue with him anymore.

The car stopped at the gate of A-magic. Molly squinted as she gazed at A-Magic. It looked different from when she had been here five years ago. She got off the car still unable to take her eyes off it. It still looked luxurious but maybe what was different was all the memories she got here, whether it was with Eric or Brian. Well, maybe she couldn't ever forget just because it was with Brian.

"A cup of milk, pineapple bread, and one Set Meal A,"

Eric told the waiter without even looking at the menu. The waiter nodded and left. They didn't have to wait much because soon the waiter came back again this time with Eric's food in hand.

Eric placed the cup of milk and the pineapple bread in front of Molly and said, "Eat with me." He said in this charming way of his that made it impossible for people to say no to him. Suddenly, he had a serious look on his face, "Is Brian... hurting you? You look so thin you could be blown away by any gust of wind!"

"Nothing to worry about, Eric, no wind, no anything," Molly answered.

Eric looked flummoxed for a moment then he widened his eyes with a grin plastered on his face, "Are you sur

anymore. Just know that I'm still that person you can always count on. I will appear by your side whenever you need me, okay?"

By the time lunch rolled around, Molly was still thinking of what Eric had just said to her earlier. She wasn't sure if she knew what he meant at first. It was not until later that she knew what Eric meant. Eventually she would realize that she was on the receiving end of two different men's love, each loving her in their different ways.


The conference room at City Hall.

Edgar asked Jennifer angrily, "In the first half year, there have been 23 burglaries, 38 registered fights with weapons between groups of people, five attempts at drug dealing, was it? No, six, including the one happened last night! And that's not even half of it so can you please tell me what you've done!"

Jennifer was unfazed by Edgar's anger while everyone else in the room was trembling. Ever since she took a seat at the table, Edgar had been pounding on her finding fault in whatever she did. She knew he was just trying to get her to quit. Just slightly raising her eye brows as a cheap response to Edgar's uncalled-for anger, she spoke calmly, "I'll see to it that these figures be fixed by the second half of this year."

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