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   Chapter 658 It Is Not A Game Anymore (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8305

Updated: 2019-05-12 13:32

She couldn't digest what he was saying. It sounded like he actually meant what he was saying, but Molly had had enough of his false promises. She turned around to look at him and said, "That was nothing but a sham--" Before she could finish her argument, he brought down his lips on hers.

Molly did not fight him this time. She knew that it would be useless to try. Tears flowed down her cheeks, wet her ears and stained the pillow.

"Mol..." came another painful call. She could feel his warm breath on her neck. She tried not to show her agony, but she failed miserably and lost all control over her emotions. It overflowed, like a broken dam.

To add to the dull, heavy atmosphere inside the bedroom, rain pattered down and hit their windows. The dark sky and the raindrops only made the scene more depressing.

There was a flash of lightning, like a sword cutting through the dark sky and a loud thunder followed, hammering down the broken hearts of the two people on the bed.

Molly's nose twitched and she started trembling. Tears streamed down her cheeks, went down her neck, and touched Brian's lips. When he got the taste of her salty tears, Brian stopped kissing her and raised his head. Her face was bathed in tears. A pang of ache seized his heart.

He had foreseen all of this, but why did the pain still overwhelm him?

"'Mol...Mol..." he murmured as he kissed away the tears on her face. Then he lowered his head on her wet shoulder, rubbing his cheek against hers. His tightly closed eyes were moist.

Even the fire in their bodies couldn't warm their broken hearts. Brian sat up. When Molly opened her eyes, she saw him walk into the bathroom. She heard the shower running and she turned back to face the wall. Now, there was just one lonely shadow on it. Brian turned the temperature of the shower to cold. He let the cold water splash down his head and let it cool him off.

He had one hand pressed against the wall. He stood under the shower head with his head down, strands of wet hair falling over his eyes, covering his deep sorrow.

The pain was overwhelming and he wanted to let out the pent-up anguish.

He punched the wall with all his might. Blood streamed down the wet wall, leaving a spooky, bloody trail in the shower.

Molly stared at the ceiling aimlessly, listening to the rain spatter against the window and the sound of the splashing water coming from the bathroom. Her heart sank when she heard the loud bang from the shower. Her

ly had a sleepless night. When she got out of bed in the morning, she felt lightheaded; her eyes were swollen and there were dark circles under her eyes. After freshening up, she got dressed and was ready to go downstairs. Standing at the top of the staircase, she instinctively looked at the dining table. Nobody was there. Breakfast was served hot on the table.

She looked back at Brian's bedroom. The door was closed. She looked at the study, its door was closed too. A bitter smile crept over her lips. She quietly descended the stairs.

"Mrs. Molly Long, it is cold today. You need to wear warmer clothes," Lisa said as soon as she saw her.

Molly looked outside through the French window. It was foggy and overcast. She was in a daze for a while. Even during summers, it remained chilly after a rain in A City. Molly forced a smile and said, "I am fine. It had been really hot for a long time. It finally cooled down a little."

Lisa sighed resignedly and said, "Then eat something before you go to work."

As she looked at the empty seats, Molly felt a surge of sadness run through her body. She looked up at the study and at Brian's bedroom. She said to Lisa, "I'm not hungry. I'm going to work. Bye, Lisa."

Lisa watched her leave with a worried look on her face. She looked upstairs too. Then she shook her head with a sigh and went into the kitchen.

Molly took an umbrella from the storeroom, put it in her bag and walked towards the gate with her head down.

All of a sudden, the roar of a car engine broke the silence. She lifted her head and saw a car streaking towards her. Molly couldn't react. Her eyes widened in terror.

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