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   Chapter 656 The Painful Entanglement (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6494

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Brian furrowed his eyebrows, took one long stare at Spark, turned around and left with big confident strides.

The moment he left, people in the big room began to talk to one another, bursting the silence with their loud noise.

"Who is this Molly Xia?"

"Exactly, even I was wondering who is she?" "Is she so attractive?" one woman said with a sneer, looking at Spark.

Fly, with her hands around her chest, hummed coldly, "I guess Molly is Mr. Brian Long's lover, only to warm his bed..." She deliberately uttered the last word with an emphasis in a slow tone and looked at Spark hoping he heard her innuendo.

Hearing her words, Spark suddenly turned his sharp eyes to face her and coldly said: "I dare you to say that again!"

"I..." Just as Fly was about to defend her words, she was pulled away by someone.

Myra looked around and said, "Molly's identity, is none of your concern. Just mind your own bloody business. Why do you care so much about others?"

"Exactly!" Little Cutie said, full of anger.

The Troupe Head also hurried to ease the growing tension, gave a fierce stare at Fly, then hurried to appease Spark. For he had his own motives in mind. From what he had witnessed, Molly should definitely be kept in the Troupe, not only because of Mr. Brian Long's generous sponsorship, but now also because of Spark. Maybe he could get Spark to participate with Molly's influence.

As Molly got out of the club, she stood by road's curb to hail a taxi.

Somehow she wondered if God himself was deliberately against her or what it was with her rotten luck, for now, she couldn't even hail a cab.

Looking back, Molly realized that Brian too had stepped out of the club. She took a deep breath, looked at the rushing traffic, which drew a bright galactic road at night. Biting her teeth, she walked right up to the bus stop near the Troupe.

Brian looked at Molly and turned around to pick up his car. Molly looked

me? That I'm not really having a tough time now?" As she uttered the last sentence, Molly began screaming hysterically, and her feelings which were all bottled up exploded like dynamite, making her lost control and her sense of calm.

Brian walked up to Molly, looked at her red face and said, "What do I want to do? Can't you see it, Molly? All I did to you earlier is because..."

"You shut up! Just shut up!"Molly interrupted him just not wanting to hear any excuses for making her feel as vulnerable as she did at this moment. She slapped away Brian's hand which was moving in her direction and burst into tears.

Brian looked at Molly in such a way that even he could no longer hold the deep pain in his eyes, "Mol..."

"You shut up -" cried out Molly. With dilated eyes, she yelled in a sharp tone, "Whatever the reason might be, Brian, one thing is certain, we are done, and I'm never going to trust you again, and I'm going to stop loving you... I was a fucking fool, until now, I've been played in your game over and over again only to be left hurt and shattered each time. Hmm..."

Molly's opened her mouth to continue speaking, but her lips were met by Brian's sudden loving kiss.

Immediately, the mint smell mixed with Brian's unique scent instantly took over her mouth.

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