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   Chapter 655 The Painful Entanglement (Part Two)

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With a salute like a gentleman, he passed one of his perfect hand to invite Molly for the dance. At the moment, even though he was dressed casually, he still made people feel as though he was prince charming. Such charm was natural and did not need any external factors.

Molly looked at Spark, stunned, and forgot to respond for a moment.

Myra, with a faint smile in the corner of her lips, tapped Molly again, and extended her chin forward a bit, reminding Molly to see Spark's hand.

"Don't stir everybody's great mood," Brian said indifferently. Just as the women's eyes were showing a flash of delight, he put down his overlapped legs, stood up and, offered Molly a gentleman's salute under the crowd's astonishment and asked," Mol, could I ask you to join me for a dance?"

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone looking at Brian was startled. He was talking with other girls all through the night, but he might not even remember their names. Now, how come he called Molly's name with such an intimate voice?

Meanwhile, Manny came forward with hasty steps. Watching the situation at the moment with a bitter expression, he secretly gnashed his teeth and murmured, "Spark, you just can't let people stop worrying about you for one moment, can you!" The faint murmurs were squeezed out of his teeth. He was away for just one brief moment to go to the bathroom, and here were Spark and Brian competing with each other again!

Molly looked at the two hands in front of him, one perfect, unblemished hand, for playing the violin melodiously, and the other in contrast, equally perfect, with distinct and slender bones, except with callus on the index finger, owing to the frequent use of a gun.

The atmosphere suddenly grew intense all over again, and the women looked with envy at Molly who had the choice of two perfect men. Both of them were the best and perfect Mr. Right. But why were they both glued to a woman like Molly?

Myra and Little Cutie looked at the two hands and then at Molly. No matter who Molly chose, the other one would be embarras

ike he was not holding Molly's arm but holding a soldering iron, which burned through his palm. So he had no way but to slowly release his grip...

"Spark," Manny came forward, looked at Brian and Molly, and told him in a low voice, "Russell asked you to call him back right now."

Ignoring what Manny just said, Spark looked into Molly's eyes with a pain that he couldn't hide. What did he do just now? He paid court to her in front of Brian. What... What the hell was he doing?

Molly bit her lips, with guilt, as she felt the deep grief nestled in Spark's eyes. Her wounded heart burned, almost as if the alcohol spilled all over the bruises, which made her hurt so much that she almost suffocated. As she watched Spark, she pulled her arm away from Brian's grip restlessly and softly said, "No, I thank you both for the kindness. I'll just go back on my own. You two please carry on with whatever you want to do..."

Molly pulled herself up, step by step, and walked towards the door mechanically almost like her legs were filled with iron anchoring her down to remain still. Despite every one staring right at her, it somehow really didn't matter to her anymore. Whatever they thought or they would say no longer mattered. In fact, nothing seemed to matter anymore. How could she be scared about what the gossip rounds would say about her now? She chuckled in thought.

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