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   Chapter 654 The Painful Entanglement (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6814

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Once a person in a relationship develops insecurity about their significant other, it's hard for him/her to trust the other person. Even if it doesn't hurt anymore, he/she will refuse to accept everything about the other.

Brian remained affixed and did not move.

Meanwhile, he held Molly's hand in his big palm, and while looking at Molly with his affectionate eyes, he slowly said: "Please give her a glass of juice. "

Nobody knew who he was talking to, but that didn't matter. Someone instinctively responded affirmatively and offered him a glass of juice.

As Brian took the juice, he lifted Molly's hand, then slowly removed the wine glass from her grip, put the juice in front of her and said in a firm tone, "Drink this instead."

Such an absolute tone seemed to upset Molly. She looked down, pursed her lips and picked up the juice without uttering a word.

Brian held the glass in his hand up slowly, motioned to Molly, took a sip and said in a slow and indifferent tone, "It's better for women to drink less of alcohol."

Such a blatant statement shocked everyone as they kept looking at each other. The women present looked at the red wine, mixed wine, and even spirit in their glasses and then at Molly, with complicated expression in their eyes.

Molly bit her teeth secretly and held the glass in her hand harder as she sensed the palpable tension in the room. She stared at Brian, with anger and resentment for what he said and she knew that he did it on purpose!

Brian seemed to be immune to Molly's anger and spoke to the women around him again. Of course, as usual, he just gave lazy and perfunctory replies. Most of the time, it was the women who were interested in him that were engaged in the talking.

Molly kept drinking the juice alone and tried hard to suppress the painful feelings boiling in her heart. All she wanted to do was cry. She kept telling herself, that everything Brian was doing now is none of her business, none of her business!

"Well, well, who is that?" Suddenly, a woman expr

nt Little Molly to get embarrassed, do you now?"

Even though Spark was determined not to leave, hearing such words, he had no other choice but to be dragged away by force.

Spark's departure did not ease the atmosphere, but in fact, made it tenser, and the girls looked at each other, speechlessly.

Not a trace of an expression could be found on Brian's chiseled handsome face, but evident hostility in his body actually made everybody silent. Molly dropped her gaze, with a light but desperate smile flashing in the corners of her lips.

Just at the moment, soothing music came washing through leisurely. The center of the venue was emptied, and gradually, some people walked in and danced to the tunes of the melodious music.

"Mr. Brian Long, would you like to dance?" A brave woman proposed the idea to him shyly, leaving her reserve aside.

"Yes, Mr. Brian Long, let's dance together." Suddenly, someone followed her request, as if she was trying to compete with the brave woman.

Brian slowly looked at the crowd and drew his attention to Molly, who was looking down, as if not interested in the things around her. Seeing that Brian had been staring at Molly, Myra gently tapped Molly on her shoulder. She then reflexively looked up and had direct eye contact with him.

"Mol, may I ask you for a dance?" an elegant voice came through.

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