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   Chapter 653 New Start (Part Three)

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Little Cutie shook her head again, starting to realize what Molly was doing. "Oh, come on! Stop that," she said in annoyance, "You may not be among the most elite women, but you're definitely better than so many others."

Molly looked content. "So why would you think that he wants a romantic relationship with me?" she asked smugly.

Little Cutie glowered, unwilling to lose. "But..."

"No buts!" Molly interrupted hurriedly. At this point, Molly could only wish that the party would end early. She had been trying to stay patient with all the questions, but also, she was still just a human being. And Little Cutie was pushing all her buttons.

"But why, of all people, did he pick food for you?" These jealous words came from Fly. She sauntered towards them, and sat down next to Molly. She had a huge fake smile and leaned closer to Molly as if they were close. Then she said, "Molly, let me take a look at that pretty face of yours... Oh, how strange. It doesn't look like you have the face of a mistress."

"Fly!" Little Cutie shouted, trying to stop her.

Fly sneered at Little Cutie's warning eyes. Molly, however, paid no attention to her as she continued to eat. Being ignored didn't daunt Fly as she went on to provoke her, "Molly, could you please behave yourself? How can you eat so much, like you haven't been fed for a century? Look at your tailor-made dress. What a waste. To have such an expensive and pretty dress be worn by you." Fly then put on an act of surprise. "Oh my God, wait," she said, looking at Molly maliciously. "Is this dress fake? That's possible, isn't it? Only dress you can afford are the fake ones. This matches you, Molly."

Molly lifted her head in time to see that Brian was already walking towards her. She quickly looked at Fly, and curled her lips into a smile. "Aren't you smart to have figured that out?" she said, agreeing, "The dress I'm wearing right now... is really fake!"

Once she said that, she put down the fork on the table and stood up. "Little Cutie, I'm thirsty. Why don't we go get ourselves a drink?"

"Wha-?" Baffled by the exchange, Little Cutie sighed, "Okay," She had also noticed that Brian was moving towards them. As Molly found it the best time to get some drinks, Little Cutie lost the opportunity to stay and have the chance to talk to Brian. Slowly, they walked to the bar counter.

Meanwhile, unaware of Brian's approaching figure, Fly stood up and shouted after the two women, "A cheap woman with a fake dress. And for what? To seduce deep-pocketed handsome men? How delirious!"

Molly didn't even look back, and just left the place as fast as they could. She wasn't certain if Fly's behavior was influenced by alcohol, or if it's how she really thought of her."

"Her dress is a fake?"

A low and mellow sounding voice came from behi

she would go. But as her actions might affect many people in the company, she decided not to ignore his warning. After all, the Troupe Head had treated her nicely while offering so much help. She couldn't just leave at will now. There was another reason that she couldn't go. It was because... Molly turned her head to look at Brian. If she was going to leave, he would follow her without question. And as a result, she would have to face him too. Given that, she preferred to stay in a place full of people who had a lot of questions, rather than leave and face him alone.

The atmosphere in the entertainment hall had become fierce, and even frisky. A few active players made the place become a host to unfiltered passion. More than that, a strange occurrence had also taken place. More and more women have suddenly gathered around Molly. Women were suddenly showing interest in Molly.

At first, Molly would go to so great lengths to get rid of them. She, later on, realized that her efforts were in vain. Tired of trying, she eventually gave up. Women chatted around her even as she tried her best to ignore them. She would remain silent while Brian did the same. A bunch of flirtatious women would make an attempt to grab Brian's attention but none have been successful.

Brian sipped his wine with brooding eyes fixed at Molly. No other women interested him. It was just her.

Molly sat in the corner and hung her head to hide from Brian's sight. The chatter around her was driving her crazy. To avoid the torture, she reached out for the wine glass on the table. But before she could reach it, a huge palm pressed her hand down firmly.

"Take away your hand from mine!" Stunned by the sudden physical contact, Molly yelled at the person.

She wasn't sure how to react upon seeing whom the hand belonged to. Had she known, however, would she have responded differently?

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