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   Chapter 652 New Start (Part Two)

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She craned her head and looked at the building. It was a five-floor establishment which served both dining and entertainment. Its hall, made of marble, was magnificent. The marble floors were spotless to a point that people's reflection can be seen on it. Waiters and waitresses alike were ready to serve with huge smiles on their faces. Behind such exceptional hospitality, however, lay a hidden motive to wring more money out of their customers.

Dazed, Molly didn't notice the others as soon as they were inside. Other people were eager to see every corner of the club. The Troupe Head instructed everyone to go to the fifth floor, making all of them swarm into several elevators. For the unlucky few who didn't make it into an elevator, they decided to take the stairs.

1st to 4th floors of this club was closed to make separated areas, while the 5th floor was an astonishingly huge hall without any separation. It was mostly used to hold parties.

Molly, Myra, and Little Cutie were the last batch to reach the 5th floor. As they passed through the doorway, they looked around intuitively. Myra and Molly, who weren't new to this type of scene, were not dazzled so much. However, Little Cutie was fascinated by everything. Her beady eyes glowed at the novelty of it all.

"Ahhh!" Little Cutie let out a yell suddenly, shocking the other two women.

"What's the matter?" asked Molly, concerned. "What happened? Little Cutie?" asked Myra, stunned by Little Cutie's sudden outburst.

When Little Cutie didn't immediately answer, Molly frowned and grew suspicious. She noticed that Little Cutie was covering her mouth behind her hands while gazing somewhere with wide eyes. Out of curiosity, she followed Little Cutie's uninterrupted stare. As soon as she caught sight of the bar counter, she was horror-struck by what she found. Or rather, by whom she found.

"Oh my God! How is it even possible for a man to be so handsome? He is so cool!" Little Cutie sighed dreamily. She looked at the man with so much affection that her eyes had begun to look like two hearts as she gawked at him. "Look at that fit body, that wide shoulders, strong waistline, sexy hips. And his handsome face. Oh my, oh my! God must have worked overtime to carve his beautiful face. And oh, check out those cold eyes. As if he could murder me with looks alone!" She wasn't done fawning, "Oh Jesus, how can a man be so cool and handsome?"

Molly didn't even hear a word of Little Cutie's manic rambling. She was too busy glaring at the man. It was none

f you didn't know him, why did he get you food?"

"Out of boredom, maybe?" suggested Molly nonchalantly, "He probably wanted to do something to kill time."

Molly wondered how long her answer would be enough before Little Cutie would question it. "..." Apparently, not long enough as Little Cutie opened her mouth while looking at her questioningly, "I doubt he's that kind of man. Can't you tell by his aura? It's as if he doesn't want anyone to get close to him. Otherwise, a cool guy like him would just be easy prey for all those crazy and needy women in our company."

Molly glimpsed at Little Cutie, not uttering a single word while proceeding to eat. Her questions, although valid, couldn't be answered by Molly even if she wanted to. It would only create more rumors, and that wasn't something she liked to happen.

"Hey Molly, do you think..." Molly sighed, bracing for yet another question that she probably won't be answering. "Do you feel that maybe he wants to have a romantic relationship with you?"

Molly ended up raising her head, and adjusted her position. She looked Little Cutie in the eye and asked, "Do you think I'm a beauty in our company?"

Little Cutie shook her head innocently.

"Am I the hottest and sexiest woman in our company?" asked Molly.

Little Cutie shook her head again, and replied frankly, "Fly is much hotter and sexier than you,"

"Am I the most attractive woman in our company?" asked Molly, waiting for Little Cutie to understand what she's trying to explain.

The woman shook her head for the third time, "Susan is much more attractive than you,"

"Am I," asked Molly incessantly, "The most feminine woman in our company?"

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