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   Chapter 651 New Start (Part One)

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I made up my mind. I want to have a fresh start with you, and leave everything that happened in the past. I know it won't be easy. But if you agree, we can give it a try. There will be instances when it's more challenging than either of us could imagine. I've decided, however, to take a leap of faith on us.


After what happened in the afternoon, everyone began to see Molly in a different light. Some gazed at her with disdain, some a little confused, while others were intrigued. Despite all the unwanted attention, Molly kept to herself and provided little information when probed. The less she said, the less they would be suspicious about.

"Molly," began Little Cutie as soon as they were left alone, "You..." She took a deep breath. "Who on Earth are you?" she asked, her beady eyes twinkling with interest. It seemed that Little Cutie fell under the last category. She was curious about the truth.

Molly beamed, offering a faint smile before answering, "I'm an ordinary person who, like you, has to scrape by on my menial assistant salary."

Little Cutie pouted, unconvinced by her answer, as she gave her an innocent once-over. "Myra says your dress is worth more than a 100, 000 dollars," she said, "I find it hard to believe that you're scraping by on your assistant salary alone."

"While we can't choose the environment we live in," Molly said calmly, resting briefly from wiping the piano clean. Her hand gripped the cloth firmly. She experienced an unclear yet decided emotion, which she pushed away, before continuing, "We have the right to choose the life we want to live."

Hearing Molly's cryptic words, Little Cutie seemed to have a vague understanding of what she meant. However, she wasn't ready to drop the topic yet. She continued to probe Molly, "Why do I feel like there's a hidden meaning behind your words?"

Molly turned to look at Little Cutie, and gave a small laugh, "What can you possibly think do I mean?" She went back to cleaning the piano. "Don't overthink it. Let's just do our job quick so we can get off earlier."

"Well, okaaay," Little Cutie responded, still skeptical about her. She stared at Molly for a bit, unsure of what next to do.

"Molly, Little Cutie," An arrogant voice came, as someone entered the room. As soon as Fly saw Molly, she hummed and continued to talk to her in a cold and arrogant tone, "The Troupe Head says there's going to be a dinner party. We should gather at the hall in half an hour." With that, she gave a purposeful sneer at Molly, and then left whilst shaking her head.

a magnificent gate. Upon reaching it, they ogled at the club's exterior, whispering in hushed, yet excited, tones.

This street, where their music company was located, wasn't exactly a central street, but it was still regarded as a hot spot. The first club they assumed they were going to earlier was passable at best. It was affordable to have fun there from time to time. The latter club, on the other hand, was much more expensive. They have always fantasized about coming to this extravagant place should they become rich someday. Only a handful of soloists had the ability to go there to unwind. Meanwhile, others could only dream of going there.

Molly and Myra were at the end of the line. Molly looked a tad unimpressed by the venue. She didn't care where the party was, and did not see what all the excitement was about as she had other matters on her mind. This was noticed by Myra. She caught a glimpse of indifference on Molly's face, as though she would rather be anywhere else. Myra frowned at this, curious to know why.

Molly continued to follow the horde distractedly, overlooking Myra's slow pace. As the woman left Myra behind, the latter secretly tapped a quick message on her phone. After she sent it, she put her phone away and caught up to Molly as if nothing happened.

"Wow, wow, wow!" the people at the front of the line cheered, "What a generous and extravagant sponsor! With so many people here, partying here will cost so much!"

"I doubt that matters. Given the immense amount of sponsorship we received yesterday, it must be a tycoon!"

People continued to share theories regarding the sponsor's true identity. Meanwhile, Molly assessed the entertainment club closely.

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