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   Chapter 650 Return Of The Ring (Part Three)

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"He is doing very well. He will be fine as long as he stays away from strenuous exercises. The doctor also says that if he recovers well, there is a chance that he will be perfectly healthy," Wing told him excitedly.

Brian smiled, which was rare for him. All the stress and fiascoes that happened the past few days and even before that seemed to be washed away at this good news.

"Weston and I are going to A City recently. The 20th anniversary of Mr. Song's retirement is near and he has been urging me rather convincingly to come to his party," Wing added.

"Okay. Are Richie and Shirley coming too?" Brian asked.

"They will come after Mark recovers. Richie is worried that the long journey will be bad for Mark's recovery if they come now," Wing explained.

"I understand," Brian said.

"By the way, how is everything with you and Molly? Richie and Shirley are looking forward to your wedding. Ha ha," Wing quipped.

When Wing said that, Brian leaned back in his seat and looked at the somber gray sky. He was lost in his own thoughts. His mind drifted back to that one night on QY Island, when they had professed their marriage vows in that church, just a few witnesses and the two of them. He had never thought of giving her a wedding back then. However hearing Wing ask about it now made him think about it and he wanted to hold a wedding just for her. Then again, he learned that sometimes, he didn't get what he wanted. Would Molly still be his bride?

"Brian?" Wing called on the phone, noticing his absent-mindedness when his end went silent.

"Yeah, I'm here," Brian said, coming to his senses. "Call me when you set the time. I will pick you up. Don't show up alone out of the blue."

"I won't. I'll be coming with Weston." The happiness radiating from Wing's voice could be felt from the other line.

Brian smiled, "Okay, the two of you."


The rustling of papers and quiet gliding of the pen nib against the smooth paper were the only things that made a sound in the conference room at the Sasha Music Troupe.

Molly was busy tidying scores. She had been absent for only a few days but there was already a stack of them waiting on her desk when she came back. By the time she had put them in order, it was already noon. Sh

und out. Otherwise, why does she hide her diamond ring, as if she is afraid that people would see it?"


The people in the office continued their gossiping. Molly paused when she heard their words. She gritted her teeth in irritation. Once again, she chose to just ignore those people and walked out of the office.

It was cloudy when she got out of the building. The gray sky made her heart even heavier. Molly sat on the steps behind the office of the troupe, observing the ring quietly on her palm. The blue diamond reflected the hazy sunlight beautifully. She felt her heart crushed as if it went through a meat mincer.

She found the ring the next night after she had thrown it out the window the other day. She honestly didn't know why she had wanted to get it back. It was when she had finally found the ring that she felt peace in her mind.

"Huh." Molly's pretty face wore a bitter smile. Her small nose twitched a little. Tears were welling up in her eyes, obscuring her vision and threatening to spill like an overflowing dam. "Brian Long, you asshole!" she cursed him in her mind.

Molly's hair fell around her face like a curtain as she wrapped her arms around her legs and buried her face between her knees. The tears soon fell down like the rivers flowing into the ocean.

She sobbed. The dark clouds gathered low in the sky, as if they were mourning with her. Unknown to her, a pair of eyes were watching her from the corner of the wall. A malevolent smile played on his lips.

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