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   Chapter 649 Return Of The Ring (Part Two)

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Looking at the file, Lucy gave him a confused look. She was curious about what it contained, but instinctively refused to open it. She wanted to show Brian that she believed Jeff and she was right and he was wrong. Noting her confused expression, Brian snorted, "When a man wants to use a woman, he goes straight for her biggest weakness." He paused and then said, "Her sensibility." Lucy looked up at him. Brian continued, "Lucy, you're John and Lisa's daughter. I'd hate for them to be sad. Although you've done so many things against me, I was ready to let you off lightly. But you hurt her and you shouldn't have," he said grimly. His eyes turned glacial to match his tone.

But his words had Lucy gritting her teeth. Fire spewing out of her eyes, she challenged, "So, kill me! And if you kill me, what are you going to tell my parents, huh?"

"Am I supposed to tell them anything?" Brian shot back with sarcasm. Irritated by her attitude, he turned around and spoke to his men. "Get rid of her."

"Yes, sir!" they said.

The men started to approach Lucy. Frightened now, she screamed in a trembling voice, "Brian Long, you can't kill me! You have no right to kill me!"

Brian ignored her screams and kept walking.

Two men held her by the arms. Lucy struggled, cried and cursed Brian. Without warning, a gun was pointed to her head. Suddenly, she started laughing. Sensing her end was nearing, a vicious look appeared in her eyes. Again she shouted at Brian. "Brian Long, perhaps Jeff used me. But I don't regret what I did for him even if I'm going to die for it. Because even if he doesn't love me, I love him! And though I'm dying, I am not alone. I can be together with him forever in the afterlife. You, however..." She stopped and broke into a maniacal laugh. "Ha! Ha! Ha!" Lucy sounded like a lunatic, and her eyes became redder. "Didn't you ever use Molly? Five years ago, didn't you use her? How about this time? You used her just like Jeff used me. The difference between us is that you love her as you did five years ago, but she doesn't love you anymore. She hates you so much that she

this?" he asked the man.

The man thought about it a bit and answered hesitantly, "I think so. I already called him about it, but he didn't say anything. He didn't order a test on its ingredients either."

"She is rather lucky to die in Black Wolf's mouth," Vincent commented. He then tossed the syringe away and left.

The man caught the syringe with both hands. He looked at Vincent's receding back and then at the cage which now contained only the wolf-dog and chewed up body parts. He just shrugged and observed the sky. It was gray and overcast which made it almost depressing to look at, just like the atmosphere in the manor. The humid warm air was mixed with the tangy smell of blood. "What's the point of all this killing?"

the man muttered and left too. The manor was quiet again, save for the disturbing gnawing and chewing of sharp teeth coming from the backyard.

The car ran smoothly on the quiet, traffic-free road. Brian looked at the road ahead icily.

At that moment, the handheld telephone on the dashboard started ringing. He drove with one hand and pressed the answer button and put it on loudspeaker. The phone connected and a sweet voice began, "Brian, Mark's operation was successful!" It was Wing who sounded very happy.


Brian stopped the car all of a sudden. Its wheels managed to swerve on the roadside. His eyes brightened. "How is he?" he asked.

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