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   Chapter 648 Return Of The Ring (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7233

Updated: 2019-05-10 07:57

The ring you placed on my finger was like a shiny crown when I thought you loved me. Once I found out you didn't love me, wearing the ring was like torture. It ripped my heart apart. .

Halting, Molly turned to look at Brian. A sneer slowly formed in her mouth as she said, "No, thanks." She then turned around again and kept going.

Molly no longer needed his concern. She didn't want anything from Brian anymore. The first time she made the mistake of falling for him, it was out of carelessness. The second time, her mistake was thinking there was a chance for the two of them. But her heart was deeply scarred from those two occasions. If she made the same mistake again, she would be the biggest fool in the world.

She muttered to herself, "Brian, forget being kind to me. I don't need it anymore."

Brian's hands squeezed the wheel so hard in frustration as he stared at Molly's back. He didn't realize he was pressing on the steering wheel with so much force until he heard a shrill noise that sounded like a scream.

As she walked on, Molly wanted to turn around several times to check if Brian was still there. She finally banished the thought and kept looking straight ahead. She quickened her steps, and her speed accelerated going down the hill. Only by putting everything behind her could she keep her head clear and remain determined.

Upon reaching the bus stop, she clutched at the strap of her bag and looked ahead. Slowly, she became lost in thought until the bus finally arrived. Molly hopped on quickly.

Just after the bus drove away, a Mercedes pulled over at the roadside.

Watching the bus leave, Brian leaned against his seat, melancholy etched all over his face.

The car phone rang and broke into his thoughts. He lowered his eyes and answered.

"Mr. Brian Long, I am in A City now," a frosty voice said.

"Okay, good," Brian replied without emotion. "You go there first. I will be there soon," he added.

"Yes, sir," Brian heard the other person answer.

After hanging up, Brian again looked at the direction the bus drove off in, before starting his car. He made a U-turn and drove in the opposite direction.

, it's not wrong. I never thought you saw your parents that way," Brian sounded a little sad. "How can you look down on your parents, Lucy? Should I be feeling sorry for you or your parents?"

"Shut up!" Lucy shouted at him. "I have never looked down on my parents. I did everything for them," she defended herself.

"Did it for them?" Brian sneered, anger clouding his eyes. "For them or for yourself? Lucy, you've been working for me for more than ten years. You should know what I'm capable of and what happens to people who mess with me. But sadly, you were so blinded by your desires that you forgot all this," he said. Standing up, he controlled his fury.

His words sent chills down Lucy's spine. Her lips trembled uncontrollably, her breathing became heavier, and her eyes turned red. Lucy still wasn't sure about Brian's true nature, but she was sure of one thing: he could take a person's life without blinking.

Brian asked her pointedly, "Lucy, you think Jeff loves you? He doesn't. He never has." The man sighed sadly. Suddenly, Brian felt sorry for Lucy. "You did so many things for him. Don't you regret it?"

"You're wrong! Jeff loves me. He loves me!" she was shrieking now. Lucy was slowly turning hysterical.

"I'm wrong?" Brian rarely raised his voice but did so now. He couldn't believe what he heard. Brian held out his hand, and Vincent handed him a file. After tossing it to Lucy, he said, "Have a look."

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