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   Chapter 647 At The Wrong Pace (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6393

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Brian looked at her pleading eyes and nodded.

He started the car, and they drove away slowly, at a steady pace as opposed to the deathly speed earlier. The atmosphere was depressing in the car. Brian glanced at Molly sideways, but neither of them said a word on their way back to the villa.

When they reached, Molly quickly changed her shoes, went upstairs and shut the bedroom door on Brian's face. Nothing had changed for them. But Brian felt like he had lost something precious that night.


There were several one-storey houses at the end of the rayless alley with tube-shaped apartments on both sides. It looked ghastly, especially on a windy night.

"What kind of people did you use?" a man's dissatisfied voice came from the darkness of the alley, "The man is dead, while Becky is still alive!"

"Steven," another man said slowly, "There was an advantage in using that man. He has no proper background. As a drug dealer, he should have been executed by shooting long ago. He has no registered identity. Even if someone inquires, nobody could find anything about him."

With a gloomy look on his face, Steven said, "Brian Long is not an ordinary man..."

"So what?" the other man sneered and said. "Even if he investigates the incident, he will never find out that that man had anything to do with you. There would be a scapegoat. Besides," he looked at the black starless sky and continued, "power has changed hands in Dragon Island today. Reuben has fallen out of power. And Rory, who has an intimate connection with Reuben, is not far behind. His days are numbered."

Steven sneered and said in a cold voice, "They deserve it."

The other man looked at Steven and said in a serious tone, "The Yan Family can finally be considered as complete losers. Although Becky is still alive, she is worse than dead at the moment." After a pause, the man added, "What are you planning to do next

d at Molly, who swiftly changed her shoes and left the villa, and then at Brian. She could not comprehend what was happening. Obviously, Brian was in a good mood today, while Molly was frustrated for some reason.

"Why does a married couple have so much ego between them?" Lisa muttered. "Marriage is the only war where you sleep with the enemy. When there is a quarrel between a husband and wife, either one should be ready to give up in order to end the fight."

All of a sudden, Brian stood up and left the villa. Seeing him strode off, a smile appeared at the corners of Lisa's mouth.

Molly strode down the mountain in a quick pace. Ever since she had started her life with Brian, every time she set out for work, she somehow ended up failing to go to work for all kinds of reasons.

But this time, she didn't want to lose her job. She had to make arrangements for the future. Instead of staying by his side, she wanted to take Mark and leave this complicated world behind. She wanted to live someplace where nobody knew them.

Brian frowned at her hasty footsteps. He increased the speed to catch up with her. When the car was by her side, he rolled down the window. As soon as Molly turned her head to look at him, he stopped the car and said, "Get in."


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