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   Chapter 645 At The Wrong Pace (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6187

Updated: 2019-05-10 00:12

What is undesired? A cotton-padded coat in summer, a cattail leaf fan in winter, or your tenderness after you broke my heart?


Tony stopped the car by the roadside near the local park which was in the middle of the street. Brian opened the car door and a gust of wind blew his hair aside, exposing his full forehead. He looked around the park with his sharp falcon-like eyes, and strode towards the entrance of the park.

He didn't feel the need to look at the cellphone in his hand. As he moved forward, the red dot on the map in his phone screen edged closer and closer. He didn't check Molly's exact location. He followed his instinct and walked along the stoned pathway. His eyes fell on a tall locust tree at the center of the grove.

It was summer, the season when locust trees were in full bloom. A great many strings of white sophora flowers swayed in the wind, and played a soft music as they rubbed against their leaves. The wind was not merciful to the weak flowers and they were blown away from their branches and the fallen white petals created random designs at the foot of the tree. In the dim lit night, these small petals danced around in the wind as they descended to the ground.

Brian turned his sight away from the tree and strode along the path.


Spark squatted by Molly's side. His heart ached when he saw the fear in her eyes. He stared at her up and down and called her name to grab her attention, "Mol! Mol!" He grasped Molly's shoulder to stop her from shaking. "Mol!"

he called her name again, trying to bring her back to reality. His voice got through to her finally and Molly quieted down. She stared blankly at Spark. Her eyes were empty, like two bottomless black holes filled with fog.

"Mol..." Spark wanted to desperately bring back the light in her beautiful eyes, "Why are you here? What are yo

od up with the help of his support. She looked at Brian and wondered why he was there. She thought he was at the hospital with Becky.

"It's late," Brian said in a surprisingly calm voice. He extended one of his hands out to Molly, who ignored it. He looked at his own stretched out hand in the air, then withdrew it and said, "I found that you weren't home, so I came looking for you."

Spark felt awkward as he stood in between Brian and Molly. He looked at Brian's withdrawn hand and wondered if there was some issue between them.

Molly didn't respond to Brian. She pressed her lips together in a tight line and looked at his face - the face which always haunted her dreams and the one that was imprinted in her heart forever.

"Let's go back home, shall we?" said Brian. His voice was steady and low, like the calm before a storm.

She gulped and bit her lips. She didn't know what Brian was thinking. But as far as she knew him, she would sure be having a hard time once they were back at the villa. But if she didn't willingly go back with him, she knew that Spark would be in trouble.

Taking a deep breath, Molly turned to look at Spark and said, "Spark, thank you for being here with me. I should go back now."

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