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   Chapter 644 Another Misunderstanding (Part Three)

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Raising his eyes full of misery, the boy said, "Aunt Wing, I miss mommy so much!"

"Your mommy misses Mark, too," Wing said as she held his chin lightly between his fingers. "Remember, there is a time difference between A City and here. Besides, your health isn't very good now, so your mommy could not bear to wake you up to answer her phone call if she called while you're sleeping."

Pouting, the boy grumbled, "But Mark is going to undergo an operation soon and wants his mommy." After all, Mark was still a kid and had never been apart from Molly before. While he was strong-willed, he still had fears about undergoing surgery.

A few minutes later, Shirley entered the room with Richie and sat on the edge of Mark's bed. She told him, "Mark, we will go back for your mommy as soon as you finish the operation and have fully recovered, okay?"

"But, that's going to be a very long time…" he said with a trembling voice. The boy lowered his eyes and played with his small, chubby hands, the only indication of his nerves.

Looking at the child behaving that way, Shirley felt a great deal of pity for him. Letting him sit on her lap, she wrapped her arms around the boy and said, "Mark, think of it this way: you will never need to leave your mommy and Papa Brian again after this operation."

Turning around in Shirley's arms, Mark raised his head to look at her with clear eyes, which shone brightly under the light. His small lips were tightly pressed. He saw his grandmother nod to him with a smile, and he nodded back at her, too.

In truth, the surgery was performed inside the headquarters of XK Intelligence Agency. With a suitable heart and the most authoritative cardiologist in the world to perform the operation, there was no room for errors during surgery. Well, no errors would be allowed to happen then.

Shirley and Wing were waiting outside the operating theater while Richie and Weston had tea under a camouflage sunshade not too far away.

"The issue in Dragon Island has been resolved. When do you and Wing plan to go there?" Richie inquired calmly. He observed his son-in-law with experienced eyes.

"We'll go to A City once Mark is in a stable condition," Weston replied. He stole a glance at his wife. Her long, silky hair and long dress fluttered in the wind, and Wing looked much like a fairy lost in the mortal world. "Spark has settled down in A City," Weston said, and added, "and Wing plans to rest for a year. So, we're in no hurry at all."

"Hmmm," Richie said in assent. "That may not be such a bad idea." Wit

park in the middle of the street, he ran towards it without thinking.


Molly huddled in the ground, her arms encircling her legs. In front of her under the dim night light, the wind blew sophora flowers from the tree and scattered them. The white flowers fell around her like rain. Somehow, it felt like they were grieving over her past.

Hair disheveled, Molly's body was hidden by the darkness. The surroundings enabled Molly to get lost in her thoughts. In the beginning, her mind was empty, but eventually, several things filled her brain until she felt it was all a mess. She tried refusing to think but failed. Molly wanted things to be clear, but the thoughts crowded her mind all at the same time.

"You're nothing but a plaything for me…"

"You're the other woman!"


"It's only a game, and you lost again…"

"Mr. Brian Long did all these things all for the sake of Mark, not you."

These words kept running in and out of her head that she started to develop a headache.

Shaking her head in an attempt to ward off these thoughts, Molly felt the more she shook, the more they resisted to leave her thoughts. In her panic, Molly clamped her hands over her hands. As her breathing started to become heavy, she started gasping for breath. At the same time, the wind steadily blew stronger. The rustling of leaves sounded like harsh words in Molly's ears. Again, she tried to shake her head. The girl was suddenly suffering from pain, the source of which she couldn't pinpoint.

Someone stopped in his tracks a few feet away from Molly. He looked at her, sorrow flashing in his eyes as he recognized the misery in her face.

"Mol!" he yelled as he called out her name.

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