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   Chapter 643 Another Misunderstanding (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7205

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When Brian returned to the villa, he was surprised not to find Molly there. Though the problem in Dragon Island was not yet completely resolved, it would no longer trouble him. That's why he left no orders to anyone to watch over Molly. Besides, he was thinking Molly was still sleeping.

He took out his cellphone and dialed Molly's number. It kept ringing and ringing, but she didn't pick up the phone. A frown slowly creased his face as Brian wondered what had happened to Molly when he saw Lisa walking into the room.

Surprised, Lisa said, "Mr. Long, you're back already?" He was taken aback by her reaction.

"Where's Molly?" he asked Lisa. His sculptured face looked gloomy.

"Mrs. Molly Long said she wanted to go for a walk," Lisa explained. "I guessed she was in low spirits and hadn't been outside for several days, so I thought it would be good for her to get out and walk. That's why I didn't stop her."

Manipulating his phone to access the global positioning system, he inputted the order just as his cellphone rang. With a frown, Brian picked it up, and his eyes turned dark at the message he received.

"Mr. Brian Long? Miss Yan has been in an accident and is in the hospital." It was the deputy director of the Dragon Empire Group's private hospital who called him.

His frown deepened as Brian inquired briskly, "What happened?"

"She arrived here at noon. She's now being given emergency treatment. But, I'm afraid her condition doesn't look very optimistic right now," the hospital official kept his voice low as he spoke. He had been trying to contact Rory for several hours already, without success. With Becky's condition not improving, the deputy director had no other choice but to inform Brian about the situation.

"I'll be there right away!" Brian quickly said. He hung up the phone and called Tony to prepare the car again. They left the villa with tires squealing.

The driver had orders to get to the hospital in record time, and Tony hardly noticed the leaves being blown away by the speeding Benz.

When they arrived at the hospital, Brian nearly jumped out of the car and briskly walked towards the

s with a slight frown just as the light indicating the operation was in progress, suddenly switched off with a "ding" sound. Soon, the door opened, and a doctor stepped out.

The doctor wasn't surprised to find Brian waiting outside. The physician walked towards the man and reported, "Mr. Brian Long, Miss Yan's operation was a success, although temporarily. We have to closely monitor her tonight to see if she can survive this crisis."


Once out of the hospital, Molly trudged along with the bustling crowd, unsure whether she enjoyed her solitude or not. Observing the colorful expressions of passers-by, she felt her body turn cold.

When she came upon a park in the middle of the street, Molly hid there as if she wanted to escape from the lively street full of people. She found a discreet groove under a locust tree and sat there, eyes still staring blankly into space.

She again failed to notice her cell phone's screen flickering again and again. The light would blink each time the phone rang, and this had been going on for several hours already. Molly must have missed more than a dozen calls.

"Why doesn't mommy answer my calls?" a disappointed Mark kept asking. He lowered his eyes in disappointment and pressed his lips tightly in frustration.

Feeling sorry for the boy, Wing stroked his head tenderly and said with a smile, "Maybe, mommy is very busy now that's why she can't hear her phone ringing."

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