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   Chapter 642 Another Misunderstanding (Part One)

Love Crisis By Changdu Characters: 7363

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After excluding all external factors, I came to realize that the only obstacle to our relationship was our infirm hearts...


"Mrs. Molly Long," Lisa greeted a pale-faced Molly, who was coming down the stairs. Lisa had just finished preparing the food for dinner and was walking out of the kitchen. Her voice full of concern, she asked Molly politely, "Are you all right?"

Forcing a smile that still came out sad, Molly stared at Lisa before replying. "I want to go for a walk. Don't cook dinner for me," she instructed.

Startled, Lisa quickly asked, "But where are you going? How about letting John give you a ride?"

Shaking her head, Molly dismissed the concerned look on Lisa's face as she answered, "No, thanks. I only want to be alone for a while, and a walk is what I need."

Before Lisa could argue, Molly left the villa. Watching the young woman's departing figure, Lisa could not help but sigh deeply. When Molly was out of sight, she went back to finish her tasks. Having no idea what had happened in the villa that morning, Lisa shrugged her shoulders wondering what had prompted Molly's decision to leave.

Making her way down the mountain, Molly slightly lowered her head to look at her toes and watch her steps while descending.

Surprisingly, nobody stopped her from doing what she wanted today. Brian had not returned since leaving early in the morning. Perhaps, the whole world changed when she had come face-to-face with Lucy.

A mocking smile lifted at the corner of her lips, yet Molly couldn't figure out what she was feeling. She had thought she was already quite desperate, so it surprised her that Lucy's appearance and what she had said made her feel even more despondent.

Suddenly, she stopped to look around. Molly had reached the foot of the mountain without knowing it. The bus stop where she took the bus to work every day was nearby.

She trudged towards the bus stop and slowly sat down on the bench for waiting passengers. Her dull appearance made Molly seem like an empty shell with her soul stripped away.

A black Benz turned at the corner just as the bus stopped to pick up passengers. Molly had gotten on the bus when the car reached the b

mplain, "Ahhh!"

But her voice came out feeble as darkness came over her eyes and she felt weak and limp all of a sudden as the needle quickly penetrated her skin.

A smile of doom lifted at the corners of Lucy's mouth. She was positioning her hand properly to depress the syringe slowly to inject the liquid into Molly's body. But even before she could do this, the door burst open. A muffled shooting sound immediately followed and saw Lucy falling to the ground.

Motionless, Lucy had been shot with a tranquilizer by a man, who inspected the woman before proceeding to check on Molly. He skillfully pulled out the needle and peered carefully to see if the liquid content was still inside the syringe and not reached the tip of the needle. Seeing this was the case, he let out a sigh of relief. Carefully, he lifted Molly and brought her back to the bedroom and covered her with a quilt. Then he went back downstairs and carried off Lucy, without anyone noticing them leaving the villa.


Disoriented, Molly closed her eyes, not noticing her cellphone screen flickering. It was set on mute.

When she regained consciousness, Molly had no idea why she was back in the bed, and neither was she in the mood to recall what happened. The moment she woke up, and even while asleep, there was only one thing running in her mind. Everything Brian had done for her was for the sake of Mark, her son, but now, the man had rushed to the hospital to be with Becky.

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