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   Chapter 641 Commencement Of The National Congress (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6090

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Frank smiled. In that exact moment, the red doors of the hall burst open. Whoever came in the hall right now should have the privilege to get through the Long family guard squad.

Everyone's eyes darted towards the doors. The tapping of polished dress shoes on the marble floor echoed throughout the hall. Brian came in coolly in a black shirt and a black suit jacket. Eyes followed him as he walked forward. Intimidated by his menacing aura, everyone held their breath. Even Eric forgot how to react. Brian's presence reminded the elders of Richie. For a split second, they thought they had gone back to that memorable scene thirty years ago.

Brian's face was cold and expressionless, his eyes as sharp as an eagle's. A gilded shield insignia was pinned on his jacket. On it, two dragons whose noses and tails met surrounded the letter "Z." It was the crest of the Long family.

He stopped in front of the vice president's seat. He reached out his hand and Tony handed him a stack of files. After gesturing to Tony to withdraw, he said in his usual flat voice, "Here. The agreement on Crystal Project has been signed. Technical experts will go to Sun Island in one month."

His words had everyone stunned and seemingly in awe.

The people forgot how nervous they had been just awhile ago and started freely discussing what just happened with each other.

Eric seemed nonplussed about the matter and just looked at Brian. His calm and unperturbed face irritated him so much. He could barely contain the urge to punch his brother in the face.

How could he remain so calm when someone was hurting Little Molly, his own wife? He could have just let Tony deliver the files. How could he be here instead of protecting Little Molly?

Brian looked back impassively at Eric, his face not showing any of his thoughts.

ad flown to Dragon Island very early. He wanted to see how Lucy would act when he was not around. Brian had thought she would know better, but it turned out that after so many years of working for Brian, that girl was still as stupid as she had always been.

Brian lowered his eyes and looked at the picture again. "How is Mol?" he asked.

"She is still in a coma," Tony answered. "Lucy is in custody."

"Don't alarm Lisa and John," Brian told him.

"As you wish, Sir," Tony replied with a curt nod.

Brian remained silent for the rest of the trip. Brian had only stayed in Dragon Island for two hours. He didn't even go and see Richie before he went back to A City, just because he was too worried about Molly who had no idea about the truth. After just a few hours of flying, the jet landed at A City International Airport in the afternoon.

Brian stepped off the jet and into a private car waiting for him. Tony loaded his belongings in the trunk and got in the driver's seat. In the car, Brian was anxious as he pressed his lips into a thin line. Tony drove in a fast pace and soon enough, he could see the villa out of the car window. His eyes softened. 'Mol, wait for me, ' he said to himself.

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