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   Chapter 640 Commencement Of The National Congress (Part Two)

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At this point, half the politicians in the hall were in favor of Frank's decision.

However, after a few moments Reuben suddenly stood up, and all eyes turned to look at him. They knew that the much-awaited highlight of the National Congress was about to come.

Years ago, when Richie had not been the leader of Dragon Island and was in charge of overseeing the National Congress, Weston's grandfather Merle had been the head of the faction who strongly opposed the Long family. But in a surprising turn of events, Weston fell in love with Wing and after that, Merle resigned from politics. However, it has been known that ever since the ancient times, power has been the biggest force in perpetuating uncontrollable desires. Once seized by it, one will have to spend their whole life filling the big hole of greed in their heart if they succumb to its mercy.

"I don't agree with the Chief Commissioner." Reuben simply stated. This Congress was of critical importance to his plan, and Reuben simply cut to the chase. "The Long family has been leading Dragon Island since the beginning. I think they have been in power for too long. Their ways of thinking are quite traditional, which is not good for the development of Dragon Island. The situation calls for rotating ruling party system. More parties should be involved in the development of Dragon Island. This is the best path to take."

Reuben finished.

"I agree."

One-third of the politicians were now with him. The rest were still observing.

Eric's lips were formed into a crafty smile during all this time, as if hiding a big, exciting secret. Back on the day when Richie had left office, Frank had sat there in the very same seat looking relaxed and arrogant, just as Eric was now. Looking at the whole scene had made the senior deputies in the National Congress feel as if they had gone back to the old days.

A heated dispute was going on between the factions. Frank just stood there silently. Members of the rival factions kept defending their own standpoints and attacking their opponents', and vice-versa. The Congress was conflicted about which system to adopt. Even when the two

eryone where he sided.

The hall fell into another long silence. They were again undecided on the matter. It was true that the Long family's rule had been rock-solid. However, as of now more than half of the Congress had been won over by the multiparty system. Things were really starting to get serious for the Long family. Things would get better if Frank still held office, but that was out of the question.

Jeff's blatant disrespect towards Frank's speech and his confidence made people start feeling something was off. Eric stood up and glared at Jeff, who looked back viciously. Eric gritted his teeth and tried his best to contain his temper and prevent himself from lashing out in anger. He was still glaring at Jeff, but in his mind he also blamed Brian.

Tension was building up in the hall. In one corner, Farrell listened closely to his earpiece. He just got some information and after confirming it, he walked towards Frank. He whispered something in his ear and retreated back to his place.

Frank raised one thick eyebrow and asked slowly, "If Eric can't lead Dragon Island, who can? The Duans? You?"

To this, Jeff answered, "As we can all see, my father has made a great contribution to the development of Dragon Island. As for me, if Dragon Island adopts the multiparty system, I will prove that we made the right decision by managing to get the agreement on Crystal Oil Exploration Project with Sun Island."

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