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   Chapter 639 Commencement Of The National Congress (Part One)

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A good man must be responsible above all things. Responsible men are always attractive to women. However, when facing a choice between his woman and his responsibility, a man always goes for the latter. It is ironic because it is the man's sense of responsibility that the woman chose the man for, and in the end it is the very same thing that drove her into deep pain and depression.


The ever-changing, colorful lights and a serious male voice bounced off the walls of the spacious living room. "Every five years, the National Congress of Dragon Island takes place, guarded by the Long family guard squad. It is also remarkable that it always begins on time," the reporter said on the TV.

The National Congress on Dragon Island had become the talk of the town recently. Molly sat on the couch and she looked pensive, her mind blurry. She was deep in thought as the reporter droned more about the National Congress on TV. Something kept flashing across her mind but she couldn't quite place it. The harder she tried, the blurrier her mind got.

The slender iron gates of the villa came to view after she walked for a few minutes, and hurriedly went in. When she stepped inside the house, Molly had her back turned to her in one corner of the sectional couch. She was sitting in front of the TV, looking dull and glassy eyed. She didn't even hear the footsteps echoing slightly in the room.

She sneakily tiptoed around the large room, observing her surroundings. Her parents were busy in the greenhouse. Tony and Brian had left the villa early in the morning. Right now, only she, the men lurking in the yard, and Molly who was watching TV absentmindedly, were in the villa. She waited a bit to take action.

Lucy approached Molly slowly and silently, her hands clenched into fists and her eyes narrowed into slits. She held the syringe tightly on her right hand. Her eyes looked nastier as she got closer to Molly. Her heart was being consumed alive with hatred and she seethed. She couldn't help but grip the syringe tighter in her hand.

"The National Congress has been on for half an hour. As it is guarded by the Long family guard squad, we have

eir opinions as well and they all echoed the Chief Commissioner's sentiments.

"Alright." Frank stood up and surveyed the people in the hall. People stopped talking immediately wherever his eyes went, seemingly intimidated by his very presence. At last, his gaze landed on Eric. "According to the tradition, when I leave office the leader candidate will take over. Since my eldest brother is out of the National Congress and my second brother has no son, Eric has been the only viable leader candidate in the last 26 years." He paused and looked at the people again. "What do you think of Eric's political achievements in the past few years?" he continued.

The hall quieted down again as soon as Frank raised the question. Frank had asked the question quite calmly, even casually, as if he was making small talk with friends at a barbecue and not about a serious matter such as politics.

The Chief Commissioner stood up again. "I think Prince Eric has done a wonderful job in the last few years. As the leader candidate, he has worked hard..." The Chief Commissioner objectively gave his general opinion about Eric's political work and with a courteous nod, he added, "I think Prince Eric should take over the office and become the new leader of Dragon Island."

The people in favor of the Long family gave each other looks of approval. They all stood up after the Chief Commissioner finished speaking and said in unison, "We agree."

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