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   Chapter 638 When You're Downhearted, Nothing Matters (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8264

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"I'm alright," Brian regained his poise, "Take the food away."

He went upstairs into the study, but instead of turning on the light, he stood before the window, lit a cigarette and took a deep puff. His every movement indicated utter loneliness.

The darkness grew thicker, swallowing the lights all around, nipping away at the final thread of Brian's hope and joy.

He was immersed in complete darkness, aside from the light of the blazing cigarette. The smoke swirled up and filled the room.

Under the same night sky, Molly collapsed onto the floor, head leaned against the door as she gazed out the window. She felt overwhelmed by the darkness as well.

And once again, the sound of the violin solo cut through the silence. The phone screen twinkled, breaking the darkness which was around her.

Molly gradually shifted her eyes to the bed. It took her a long time to pull herself together. She stood up, but almost stumbled because of her numb feet.

Before she could reach the phone, the ringing stopped and the screen went dark. She took the phone in an attempt to see the number, but the phone jingled again with Spark's photo on it. The picture was of Spark playing the violin. She had taken it while she was acting as his assistant during his practice.


"Mol!" Spark's worried voice immediately filled Molly's ears, "Why didn't you go to work today?"

Molly thought for a second, then answered, "I caught a cold, so I took a few days off." Her hoarse voice was the perfect proof.

"Did you go to the doctor?"

"Yes," Molly smiled, "I went to the doctor and I'm taking medicine too."

"It's late. Were you sleeping?" Spark had just realized that it was almost midnight.

"No, I wasn't. I slept too much during the day."

Spark nestled against the column of the baker's house in the second floor, eyes fixed on the building across the street, "I'm free now. We could talk for a while and kill some time."

Molly moved to the bed, laid down, legs outspread, "Okay..." She didn't know what else to say. It was as if some part of her heart was missing. Spark's gentle voice reminded her of the Island where they had lived a carefree life.

Their conversation floated around every topic they could think of. Spark was very sensitive and considerate. He didn't miss the unhappiness in her voice. "Mol, do you remember the time when we attended the charity concert in Paris?"

"Yeah," Molly beamed at the memory, "You kept play

"Just play by ear. The meeting is about to begin. I should go," Jeff answered, his smile intact.

Lucy thought for a second, and then said, "Okay, I know what to do." "This is my first time walking into this hall.

I'm a bit nervous, actually," Jeff added, yet his tone was calm as always. "Jeff, rest assured," Lucy promised confidently, "I can handle things over here.

And as for Molly, she is not gonna get away this time."

"I believe in you," Jeff responded, "After our plan succeeds, let's have dinner together. I've found an excellent seafood restaurant."

Touched, Lucy smiled and said, "Jeff, this time, we'll make it."

Jeff hung up, his eyes laced with covert smiles. Now that the situation had changed and Brian was not with Molly, Lucy thought that she could definitely fulfill her job. She had planned to burn her boats. But now, it looked like she didn't have to take extreme measures.


As the clock ticked, the hall gradually filled up with people. When everyone was seated, the door was pushed open and the guards lined along either sides of the door. Frank walked in, hands in his pockets. He was graceful and sophisticated in the slick black suit. Eric was right behind him in a silver grey suit, with his signature roguish smile.

Eric took his seat at the center of the first row as Frank went to the stage. The crowd stood up and saluted him.

As motioned by Frank, Farrell moved forward and declared the meeting open.


Lucy slowly took out the little box from her drawer which had the micro-syringe. She got the syringe out and filled it with the anesthetic before walking towards the villa.

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