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   Chapter 637 When You're Downhearted, Nothing Matters (Part One)

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Eric stood on the yard of the National Congress building as the breeze stroked his face, relieving the effect of the scorching heat.

The government building was shaped like the alphabet Z, with the Congress at the center of it.

The view enhanced his determination. He was going to become an outstanding ruler of this country and bring about better lives for its people.

The phone was still ringing on the other end as Molly refused to pick it up. Just when he was about to cancel the call, it connected. But there was no response from her end. "Little Molly?" Eric called tentatively.

Molly looked up at the ceiling and blinked her red, tear-filled eyes. The moment she saw Eric's number, her heart instantly ignited with a blaze of emotions. She was eager to hear his voice, and she found out why only after she really heard it.

Every time she got stuck in her valley of despair, Eric was always the first one to come to her rescue, whether intentionally or otherwise.

"Little Molly," his caring voice called her name again, "Are you okay? What happened?"

"Nothing happened. I'm fine," Molly said after taking a deep breath, "Why did you call me?"

Sensing her depressed tone, Eric frowned and asked, "What happened?"

"Nothing, I'm alright."

"Tell me the truth, or I'll fly over and check on you right now."

"No..." hastily Molly refused. Brian stood up from the sofa. Just as she craned to see what he was going to do, he walked out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

"Little Molly," Eric's voice seemed worried.

"Eric, seriously, I'm okay," Molly cleared her throat and added, "How're you doing? Did you have your meal yet?"

"Not yet," Eric decided not to question her further because he had a pretty good idea about what might have happened, "I miss the noodles which you used to make for me, with tomatoes and eggs."

That earned a smile from Molly, "Okay, I'll make it for you once you're back here."



Eric gloated and further said, "Just for me?"

"Yeah, just for you," Molly paused before answering.

"Great!" he exclaimed.

"Young Master, the meeting is about to begin,"

Lenny called him before Eric could utter any more words. He threw a glance at Lenny who looked professional and imposing in her suit, then bid farewell to Molly, "Little Molly, a very tedious meeting is waiting for me. Do you have any parting gift to conso

Molly stopped, swallowed the rice down, then replied, "I've finished my meal." Then she turned around to go.


Brian howled furiously, teeth grinding. She stopped in her tracks and turned sideways to look at him, "I'm your wife, not your subordinate or your slave. Mind your tone." Then she slowly turned her back towards him and said, "If you want to boss me around, you should divorce me. After that, you are free to threaten me into obedience."


Enraged, Brian banged his hand on the table. His tremendous strength made the plates on the table vibrate and jump out of place. He sprang up to his feet and glared at Molly's slender figure. His lips were in a tight line and his veins were popping out.

But that didn't frighten Molly at all. She just turned around to look at him in the eye. She didn't feel a thing, except some sort of inexplainable heartache.

"Brian," her voice was mechanic, "you mean nothing to me. You never meant anything to me in the past, and you will have the same place in the future. You're Mark's biological father. That's all."

Molly swiftly climbed the stairs and shut the bedroom door, escaping from his ruthless and agitated glare. She leaned against the door, then slowly slid to the ground. Aggrieved, she closed her eyes and started weeping silently.

Brian remained downstairs, heartbroken. The food was meticulously prepared by Lisa according to his demand which combined both Molly's preferences and the nutritionists' advice.

"Mr. Brian Long," Lisa tried to comfort him, "Don't take it seriously. Mrs. Long is just not in a good mood."

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