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   Chapter 636 Danger Lurked In Every Corner (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9096

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"You wish," Lucy said in a low whisper. She obviously didn't want anybody else hearing her talk.

Jeff smiled, "Fine. You don't miss me, but I do. Isn't that why you are calling me - to soothe my soul?"

"You can surely talk sweet," Lucy laughed. "I'm calling about something serious."

"What's wrong?" Jeff threw the cigarette butt away and asked. "Has something happened?"

"Yes," Lucy answered. She told him what had happened in the villa in the evening. "I am not sure what happened, but when Brian and Molly came back, they both looked like hell. The doctor was called upon and he was in the room for a while. I went over on purpose, pretending to ask the doctor about my dad's arthritis. Of course, I also pretended to care about Molly and asked what had happened to her. I think that regardless of whether Brian loves her or not, if she is in danger, he wouldn't be as calm as he pretended to be."

"Oh?" Jeff responded. He had already assumed that much from the incident that evening. Lucy's words just served to harden that assumption. An evil smile appeared on his lips. "Lucy, the National Congress is in three days. These two days before its commencement are very important to us."

"I understand," Lucy said. After a pause, she continued, "Jeff, if we succeed this time, will you really take me to Dragon Island?"

"Of course, silly," Jeff answered. "Why would I lie to you?"

Lucy smiled. She knew that Jeff wouldn't lie to her. But still, she wanted to hear the words from him. Maybe women are born insecure.

"Jeff, you will succeed this time. You will become the top man in the Congress," she said firmly. "Good night."

"Good night,"

Jeff said as he hung up and put the phone in his pocket. He placed his hands on the hood, supporting himself. He fixed his eyes on the sea, with a faint smile on his face. Yet, that smile was too subtle to reach his eyes.


Dawn broke. Brian had been up all night. When the first light hit him, he took a quick shower, got changed, and went to the study. All urgent and important matters had been taken care of already. He was just waiting for the National Congress to commence. He wasn't as busy as he used to be. Molly was still sleeping and he was worried about her.

"Lucy, take this to Mr. Brian Long," Lisa handed the breakfast to Lucy.

Lucy complied. After placing the breakfast in Brian's study without disturbing his work, she returned downstairs and saw that Lisa was still busy preparing breakfast. She asked, "Mom, where's Mrs. Molly Long's breakfast? Should it be taken upstairs too?"

"She usually eats downstairs," said Lisa. She didn't sense anything odd about Lucy's behavior. Suddenly she stopped what she was doin

well, but at the moment, she felt like she didn't know him at all. Seeing Brian made her feel suffocated. She didn't even know how to breathe anymore while he was near her.

Even though it was weak, he felt her gaze on him. He stopped typing, but kept his eyes on the screen. He looked at the commands on the laptop, but he forgot what he was supposed to do until the party at the other end sent him the codes. Collecting himself, he typed out all the orders.

Once he was done, he tossed the laptop aside and looked at Molly intensely.

Molly turned her head away quickly and closed her eyes. There was nothing but coldness on her pale face.

Brian didn't move from his position on the sofa. Neither of them spoke. The air in the room seemed to have become denser. It was hard to breathe, for both of them.

Molly swallowed; she was bitter inside. She didn't understand why he was there.

Brian finally said, "I have asked for a few days off for you at the troupe. Stay at home and get some rest."

Molly opened her eyes slowly. Clearly, Brian had known that she was working at the troupe. But she wasn't in the mood to think about how he had found out. Her life was always so transparent in front of him.

Silence fell once again. An invisible wall was erected between them. They could see each other, but neither of them could reach the other side.

A melodious violin solo broke the silence. Brian's eyes drifted to Molly's phone on the nightstand.

Molly didn't want to answer it. She didn't care who was calling. But whoever was calling her was pretty persistent. The phone rang again and again.

Brian frowned. He neither moved nor spoke. Finally, Molly extended her hand and took the phone. She had intended to turn it off, but when she saw the caller ID, her eyes brimmed with tears.

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