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   Chapter 634 The Deadly Test (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7429

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"Damn it!" cursed one of the subordinates, "Stop moving around, or I'll throw you off the building!" He glimpsed below, unnerved by the height of the building. They were standing at least twenty floors above from the ground.

The leader, holding his cap down, glanced at the building as well before he paid attention to the sound coming from the entrance door. He watched Tony with at least a dozen of his trained men surface on the rooftop. Alarmed, they were surrounded. He had underestimated Brian, never expecting that the man could find their hideout so quickly.

"Let her go!" Tony demanded, his voice as loud and clear as possible. He looked at the poor woman, concerned by her dismal condition.

"You've got no right to order me around," the man snapped coldly. Despite his insides being eaten by fear, he managed to control his facial expression. If he was going to go down tonight, he wasn't going to make it easy for them.

The two sides reached an impasse. The abductors had no way to escape while Tony could not authorize any action carelessly because of Molly. The others didn't know, but Mr. Brian Long gave him clear instructions. Under no circumstances was he allowed to put Molly's life in more danger than it already was. He couldn't imagine what crazy things his boss would do if she were harmed because of his negligence.

It wasn't long before Brian finally made it to the roof. Even in the face of such an intense situation, Brian did not show any sign of weakness. He walked normally, his calm and overbearing attitude was intact. He stood in front of Tony, his eyes never leaving the man he presumed to be the leader. The wind lifted his bangs briefly, revealing his cold as a sculpture expression. Under the dark night, the sharp lines of his face displayed an aggressive and bloodthirsty indifference. His thin lips were pursed, his sharp eyes like that of a falcon's gaze upon seeing his prey. It seemed like one wrong move from the abductors could trigger Brian into charging like a wild beast.

The man faltered under Brian's unblinking eyes. As much as he wanted to deny that Brian scared him, he could not help but grab Molly to his side and use her as a shield. He took the sharp knif

e losing consciousness. Being out of harm's way made her finally take notice of all the injuries she had sustained.

Brian's men, all well-trained, were left behind to clean up the scene. He knew he could count on them to do their job well. When Tony and Brian got out of the building, they headed towards the car down the road. Tony opened the door so Brian could carefully set Molly down inside the car. He gently touched her face. Her cheek was still swollen from the slap she received earlier. His heart broke into pieces at the mere memory of it. "Mol..." he called her name gently.

Molly didn't respond as she stared distantly at the roof of the car. He didn't pressure the woman and stayed beside her instead. Tony got in the front seat, and glanced behind before starting the car. The engine roared to life, and they quickly left the area. Going back to the villa never sounded so good.

As soon as they left, a mysterious figure came out of a convenience store on the side of the street. She was dressed in a sexy outfit, showing off her proportional body. Her eyes followed the departing car for a bit before she turned around and dialed a number. As soon as it got through, she spoke, "I'm convinced. I think your way might actually be effective." A smile appeared on her face. "Brian seems to care about Molly Xia."

She sighed dreamily and pretended to look pensive. "If that's the case, I'm curious to know what he's willing to do for her until the very end."

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