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   Chapter 633 The Deadly Test (Part Two)

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"There's no time left!" Brian cut in, his voice higher than usual. Then he turned around and sneaked into the opposite building. Stunned, Tony didn't have a choice but to go after his boss.

Brian wasn't being himself. He was hasty. Calculating as per usual, but overwhelmed with a sense of urgency regarding his next moves. They didn't take the elevator. Instead, they continued to walk up the stairwell until their position was in line with the red dot.

They stood in front of the apartment that had a view of the opposite building. "I'll knock!" volunteered Tony.

As soon as Brian gave him permission, he knocked on the door and cleared his throat.

The door opened. "Who are you looking for?" A girl in her twenties, looking just about Molly's age, stood by the doorway in her cotton nightdress. She looked dauntless, having to deal with two strangers in her doorstep so late at night. This made things easier for Tony.

Tony took out his wallet and pulled out a small pile of banknotes. "We want to borrow your place for a moment," he said directly, "We won't take long."

The girl looked at Tony, then shifted her eyes at Brian, and leant against the door frame. "I don't really need money..." she said slowly, "But it would be inappropriate to let you in for free." She looked at Brian intentionally before continuing, "I haven't had dinner yet. Why don't you invite me to eat instead?"

"Tony." Brian said curtly. He was in no mood to deal with the girl's preposterous demand.

Understanding him, Tony grabbed the girl and pulled her out of the apartment. The girl didn't even have time to scream as both Brian and Tony entered the house, slamming the door behind them. The girl banged on the door loudly, shouting that she hadn't even changed her clothes yet.

Brian peered through the windows, finding a spot with the most visibility of the opposite building. He stopped behind the one in the messy living room. He couldn't help but grimace. The room was littered with snack bags.

Brian hid behind the curtains, peering only through a narrow gap. Suddenly, his cell phone rang.

"Mr. Brian Long!" said the man brightly, his voice disguised with a voice modulator."Time's already up, and yet you, are a no-show." He sighed loudly on the other end. "No surprise there." The sound

wore a cap followed them closely from behind. When the crowd reached the elevator, the then in cap noted that all were going up. After giving it some thought, he said coldly, "Take the stairs. Move it!"

While his subordinates raced for the stairs, the door of the elevator opened. A few people came out in a rush, looking heavily armed. Stopping for nothing, they ran towards the stairs.

In the dark, their noisy footsteps echoed in the stairwell. Even if Molly somehow managed to slip away from the men's clutches now, she didn't know if it was possible to outrun them. She kept checking behind them, hoping someone would show up to save her.

"There's also people downstairs!"

The man in cap paused to observe. He heard the footsteps from both ends, and looked up, "To the roof!"

Upon quick observation, Tony noted that Molly was being dragged to the roof by at least five men. "Go to the roof, Tony. Stop them." Tony heard Brian through his earphones. With a back up strong enough to overpower their limited numbers, Tony confidently complied with his boss' orders.

"Roger that," he said, and turned to his men. "To the roof."

With the sky as dark as ink, the dazzling stars stood out more prominently. The wind brought about a summer night breeze. It was the perfect weather for a contrastingly terrible event to occur. Molly shivered as they reached the roof, partly because of the gust of wind that blew her hair, but mostly because of the fear that she was too mentally drained to keep inside of her any longer.

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