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   Chapter 632 The Deadly Test (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7367

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Men and women respond differently when one's life is in danger. With men, they feign being calm and undisturbed. They refuse to show any signs of weakness. Women, on the other hand, are more transparent. When composure is thrown out of the window, they become more easily offended than usual. Almost by default, a woman's mind would jump to the worst possibility.

Brian dialed a number through the car phone and placed it against his ear.

As soon as Tony picked up, Brian spoke in his usual curt tone, "Send our people to the North District. Standby when you get there. Wait for my next order. I'll send the exact location later."

"Yes, sir!" responded Tony promptly. Clueless, he didn't know what was happening. But as someone who had been by Brian's side all these years, he could tell that something serious enough had happened to rattle his usually calm boss.

Brian hung up the phone and didn't waste any time. He transmitted the location signal to Tony. Slightly squinting his sharp eagle eyes, Brian noted the address and stepped harder on the accelerator. The car advanced with a loud 'whoosh' sound, and soon enough, disappeared at the end of the road.

Molly grimaced as she stirred awake.

The smallest sound rang in her hazy head as she slowly regained consciousness. With heavy eyelids, it was a challenge to open her eyes. An ineffable feeling told her, however, that she needed to will herself to wake up.

"Boss," said an unfamiliar voice, as Molly opened her eyes. "The chick is awake now."

A man wearing a cap was wiping a military knife with his bare hands. He paused, upon hearing his lackey's words. He looked at Molly with empty eyes and stood up. Molly couldn't see the two blurry figures properly. She closed her eyes, allowing them to adjust to the harsh light before opening them again. Yet, she barely suppressed a gasp as the face of her abductors came into focus.

"Who are you?" asked Molly, who was frightened by these unknown men. Trying to move away, it started to dawn on her that she was tied to a chair. She panicked, "Where am I? Let me go!" Neither men made an attempt to answer. Molly glared, clenching her fists in anger. She had an inkling what t

on the ground. Brian wished he could've reached there sooner.

He got out of the car and slammed the door. As he looked around, he felt reassured to see that Tony was already waiting at the intersection. Brian didn't even need to summon the man as he was already on his way towards him.

"How are the preparations?" asked Brian, as Tony stopped in front of him.

Tony, as agile as ever, responded, "Our men are on their way," He took a quick look at his watch. "They'll be here in 20 minutes."

Brian checked the time. There were ten minutes left before his meeting with the man who abducted Molly. Putting aside the unpleasant sensation in his stomach, he took a moment to envision his plan. He couldn't afford to be distracted. Not with Molly's life on the line. He glanced at the nearby terrain while taking out his phone. The tracking system showed that the red dot was within proximity. Then he shifted his gaze from it, estimating the physical location.

Tony's eyesight followed Brian's and finally their eyesight dropped on a community in front of them.

With Brian holding the tracker, he followed the red dot and led them both deep into the community. Brian stopped and looked up from the tracker. It brought them in front of an old building. Taking cover, Brian observed the building as Tony vigilantly stood watch.

"Mr. Brian Long, it's unclear how many people they have," Tony said, deeply concerned. "Maybe we should wait for our men..."

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