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   Chapter 631 My Violin Plays Only For You (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8581

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Spark's eyelids fluttered close, his eyebrows knitting tightly in concentration and losing himself to the music, his heart flooded with bitterness. He now confirmed that he in fact, could still play the violin. However, he could only do that if Molly was there with him.

He thought to himself as his fingers danced on the violin, 'From now on, my violin will play for nobody but you, Mol!'

The music finally came to an end with a slow and yearning melody. Spark remained still and lifted the bow slightly. The entire shop burst into applause at his brilliant display, and snapped Spark out of his thoughts and reminded him of the bitter feelings in his heart. Nonetheless, he didn't feel regretful at all. He didn't regret that he had met Molly at that underground passage, that he had cajoled her into talking to him on a whim, and that he finally composed The Summer Breeze for her. He knew it was wrong, but he wouldn't trade anything else for that in the world. On the contrary, he felt fortunate to have even met her again on the street in London. If it wasn't for that, he would have never had a chance to experience true love which his mother had sacrificed her life for.


He finally opened his eyes and smiled sincerely at the woman in front of him. The melancholy in his eyes was gone. "The sound of the Stradivarius violin is unbelievably pure and clear. It is true that every violinist dreams of owning it."

Molly's train of thought was interrupted by Spark's easy words. She kept silent as he slid back into his seat in front of her. Despite the distress weighing her heart down, she couldn't make her lips say anything at that moment. She just looked at him, and every word she thought seemed to be enveloped by his pure grin.


Brian's eyes looked tranquil and quiet, but he was actually getting rather impatient. He glanced at his watch--it was already nine o'clock at night and Molly had yet to return home. He was alone in this spacious house that was always quiet. He left the wine glass on the bar counter with furrowed brows, and went upstairs to his study.

He went to his computer and booted it up. When it was done, he opened a certain application on the desktop. As his fingers danced on the keyboard, a string of instructions flashed on the monitor screen. Brian pressed "Enter" after a beep sound, and a satellite imagery materialized on the screen. A blinking red dot slowly appeared at its center.

Brian typed out another instruction, and the location of that red dot was displayed: a cake shop right across the

still by the window and stared at the villa's gates.

As time slowly dragged through the night, Brian felt his blood run cold with every passing second. Another half an hour passed by, but Molly still hadn't returned.

Brian's face darkened and he turned around to sit down at his desk. He typed something quickly on the keyboard and Molly's location appeared on the screen again--this time, in a residential building.

Brian's forehead scrunched in confusion as he scrutinized the screen, and his phone rang in that exact moment. He glanced at the caller ID--it was an anonymous number. Something flashed in his calculating eyes as he put the phone near his ear and said, "I'm Brian."

"Mr. Brian Long," a mechanical voice replied from the other end of the call, which was obviously made with a machine. "your wife is here with me. Come here to the HT Warehouse in the southern district in an hour if you want her safe and sound. You'd better come as soon as possible, or I'm afraid that I would hurt her accidentally."

Without waiting for Brian's answer, the caller hung up the phone quickly, leaving no chance for Brian to track his signal.

Brian stared at the red dot with cold, half-lidded eyes. Suddenly, his face had a sharp, penetrating look on it in realization and the room was filled with a murderous aura.

He quickly got up from his chair, his face still cold as ever and bolted out of the room.

From her bedroom window, Lucy heard the roar of the vehicle engine and saw Brian's car rushing out of the villa's gates.

Brian didn't drive towards the southern district where the caller said his wife was. Instead, the car headed to the opposite direction--the northern district.

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