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   Chapter 628 Undying Love (Part Four)

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Molly couldn't agree more. The white walls were decorated with spray paint. The bold colors, paired with the dramatic paintings on the walls, could lighten people's mood in an instant. A violin solo was playing in the background, adding an elegant ambiance to the place. Molly felt as if she was back in the colorful Burano Island. The bakery strongly reminded her of it, making her wish that she could return sometime soon.

"Do you have any specialty desserts?" Myra asked the waitress.

The waitress handed them the menu with a smile and said, "As a matter of fact, we do! A macadamia chocolate cake and a caramel macchiato would be perfect for this beautiful afternoon."

Satisfied, Myra ordered the waitress' recommendation. She turned to Molly, who was looking at the menu distractedly. She didn't even hear Myra calling her.

"Molly, are you okay?" Myra asked in concern, putting a hand on her arm.

Molly, coming out of her reverie, shook her head with a faint smile. "I'm fine. The cake looks delicious on the menu." She turned to the waitress. "I'll have the same. Thank you."

Myra laughed. "Haha, wait until you see the real cake," she joked. Molly was grateful that she didn't probe any further. The two women moved on to talk about other things.

Not long after, the waitress returned with their cakes and coffee. She was about to leave when something caught Myra's attention. "Hold on," she called out, "My friend and I ordered the same, but why do our drinks look different?"

The waitress was more than happy to explain. "Your friend's coffee is on the house. It's my boss' treat."

The two women shared a look of confusion. "Your boss?"

The waitress nodded. "This," - she pointed at Molly's drink - "Is a style coffee. It is named Undying Love." Beaming, she added, "My boss made it himself."

The name of the coffee and the waitress' words intrigued Myra. She looked at Molly with a raised eyebrow, and said, "Molly, dear. It seems the owner has a crush on you." Molly frowned. Myra was enjoying herself. She studied the coffee and commented skeptically, "The style coffee looks really special. Although there's foam on top, it seems to be missing its latte art."

"Wait just a moment, " said the waitress cheerfully. She picked up the cup. "Now watch closely." She shook the cup lig

t make things better that he stopped coming to the villa. Or so she thought.

When Myra excused herself to the restroom, Molly took this opportunity to tell him, "Spark, I have to be back at the troupe in a bit. I'll come over again after work."

Surprised, Spark noted the firmness in her eyes. He couldn't help it. "Okay," he answered. "You can come and taste the new flavors of the cake I made."

Molly nodded, but she doubted she'd be in the mood for cakes later. She stared at him meaningfully. Spark's hands were for the violin. Myra had a point earlier. How could he use them to make cakes?


Meanwhile, Brian was still stuck at the Emp Stock Exchange.

"Mr. Brian Long, everything is under Mr. Eric Long's control now," Harrow reported on the monitor. "The Congress will take place in three days as planned."

"Good." Brian responded. After clearing a few more matters with them, he turned off the monitor. Exhausted, he leaned back in his chair and stared out at the window. The sun was setting, preparing to dip away from sight whilst immersing the sky in bright orange hues.

He stood up abruptly. Grabbing his suit jacket, he stepped out of his office. Tony, who had been by his side the entire time, followed him closely to the parking lot.

As soon as Tony brought the car closer, Brian sat in the backseat. Tony asked, "Where are we going, Mr. Brian Long?"

"The villa," he said plainly. Suppressing his bewilderment, Tony nodded and stepped on the gas. It had been a while since his boss came home this early.

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