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   Chapter 627 Undying Love (Part Three)

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When she came back to the villa, Brian was nowhere to be found. 'He must be staying late at work tonight, ' she thought. When Lisa saw her coming in, the woman went to the kitchen and started serving her dinner. Molly placed her purse on the dining table and looked at the warm meal before her. Eating alone, it was the same as it had been many years ago.

She only took a few bites. With her father on her mind, she didn't have much of an appetite. She drank some water and then retreated to her bedroom. Welcomed by her bed, she lay down on it and stared at the ceiling. Brian and she had been living in the same villa, yet they barely saw each other. And even if they did, they hardly exchanged words nowadays. It had only been days, but the silent treatment felt like it had been much longer than that. She sighed dejectedly. This kind of life was toxic. It was killing her. Five years ago, she came to this villa to pay his father's debt. That was all. But today, five years later, she was still in the villa. The only difference was that now she was living this miserable life as Mr. Brian Long's wife. Even with everything that had happened, they were no better than strangers.

Molly smiled bitterly at the thought. She took her phone out of the purse and stared at it, waiting expectantly for Steven's call. But the phone never rang the entire evening. At last, she couldn't take it anymore and called Brian.

The phone rang. Once. Twice. Thrice. It was the fifth ring when someone picked up on the other end of the line. Neither of them spoke first.

Molly leaned against the headboard, biting her lip hesitantly before saying in a low voice, "I went to the old house to see my dad this afternoon. But he wasn't home. I haven't heard back from him at all and I don't have any way to reach him either. Can... can you please help me find him?"

He didn't answer at once. "He's a grown man. He won't get lost." Brian replied icily.

Molly gri

act him easily. Steven never went to see Daniel again since the last time he visited him at the rehabilitation center. When Molly had expressed her interest to see Daniel too, Steven was adamant and objected to it.

At night, if it wasn't nightmares that ruined her sleep, it was her excruciating relationship with Brian. Conversely, Molly spent most of her day burying herself in her work at the Sasha Music Troupe. Apart from the occasional heartaches, she was otherwise content with the way things were these days.

So it was a pleasant surprise when her routine was disrupted by Myra. "Molly," said the cellist as she put the music score away, "the bakery across the street just reopened. It used to have these delicious cakes, and I've been having sweet cravings since yesterday. I wonder who the new owner is, though." She smiled, looking pensive. "Want to check it out together later?"

She glanced at the clock on the wall. It wasn't like she had better plans. "Okay," Molly smiled. After cleaning her table, she grabbed her purse and met up with Myra by the front doors. Together, they left the building and made their way to the bakery.

"Welcome," a waitress said to them.

Myra looked around, impressed by the bakery's interiors. "Wow, it's so beautiful in here," she remarked.

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