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   Chapter 625 Undying Love (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6963

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Every relationship would have its beautiful and special moments. Intimacy would feel eternal, and nothing outside of that bubble could ruin it. Alas, these sweet moments do not always promise happy endings.

Likewise, how relationships end would not define the kind of connection that was shared between the involved parties. Neither do the bad and tough times. Love, remains to be quite a complicated mystery.

When Molly couldn't trace the location of the ring anymore, she came back to her senses. Her face stiffened, as did her entire body. Her eyes grew wide as the consequences of her recklessness finally dawned on her. She turned around, and in great haste, exited the bedroom. She hastened down the stairs, rushing out of the villa without realizing that she wasn't wearing her shoes.

Brian Long, who was coincidentally walking out of the study, caught sight of her as she bolted out of the door. Her cheeks were a light shade of pink, and her eyes - they were filled with urgency and panic. Her mind was obviously elsewhere as she left the door open. Brian frowned and crossed his arms. Her actions intrigued him. Unconsciously, he thought about following her outside. It was a quick minute of debate with himself before he decided against it.

As Molly entered the backyard, she looked straight at her bedroom window. Based on the angle at which she threw the ring, she estimated where it could have possibly fallen. The wind blew past the elevated grass in the moonlight. It was only at that moment when she noticed that she was barefoot, feeling the grass tickle her feet. Ignoring it, she pursed her lips in determination and began looking around. With a lawn as meticulously developed as theirs, she had just set herself up with a difficult task of finding a small yet precious ring. It was like finding a needle in a haystack.

She continued to look painstakingly in the grass for a small round object, but it was futile in the natural light of the moon. Disappointed, Molly stood up-straight with a mild backache and tightly knitted eyebrows. Her Plan A to retr

Molly wished she were anywhere but in the backyard with him. She dreaded being caught and having to explain. More so, the fight that would ensue because of her recklessness.

The moon seemed gigantic from the backyard. Their shadows were visible on the lawn, and Molly decided to look at them instead. Brian looked around casually, a frown forming on his face.

Molly's heart sank further. She could almost hear her own heartbeats. She, too, looked around surreptitiously, her eyes thick with desperation and sadness. "I'm going back to my room," she said calmly before he could ask any questions.

With her phone's flashlight facing the way, Molly passed by Brian towards the villa with pursed lips. Watching her retreating figure, Brian stood there like a helpless, soulless zombie.

"Mol..." Brian's deep, magnetic voice rang in the quiet night, an endless love concealed carefully in his tone. Being vulnerable was never his strong suit.

Molly stopped in her tracks, looking into the distance. Where she was looking precisely, she didn't know. And it didn't matter. The only thing she was concerned about right now was how much her heart ached in his presence. And now, hearing him call her Mol made her unable to move. 'Molly, didn't you tell yourself to get over Brian?' she reprimanded herself. 'Then, why the tears? What's all this pain for? Why are you even stopping?'

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