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   Chapter 624 Love Requires Compromise (Part Two)

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Pressing her lips together, Molly watched Brian's retreating figure disappear. Anxiously, she answered, "Dad, I'll explain it all to you later. Let's get you home first."

They all boarded the car and left the airport. The air inside the vehicle was even more tense than it was on the way there. Brian and Molly both sat in the back, while Steven rode shotgun. He attempted to open his mouth several times to clear his confusion, but would always stop when he turned to look at the passengers in the back.

Molly noticed they were heading into the downtown area, but the car did not take the route going to the villa. Instead, Tony drove towards Molly's old home. When the car stopped, Steven slowly opened the door and got off. Molly was about to grab the door handle to follow suit, but Brian quickly stopped her.

When she turned to look at him, he turned away and said impassively, "Did I allow you to get off the car?"

She gritted her teeth in anger. "Brian, I just want to spend more time with my father." "And then what?" he shot back.

Confused, Molly retorted, "What do you mean by that?"

Finally, facing her, Brian challenged, "Molly, it seems that you've forgotten what I said before."

She huffed in annoyance and inhaled to hold her temper.

"Brian, my father just came back. Can I at least keep him company?" Molly felt fury bubbling inside her but kept it in check.

Turning his head to look forward, he snapped, "No!"

"You…" Molly sputtered in anger but was cut off by Steven.

"Molly," her father said, "the house has long been vacated. It would not be convenient for you to spend the night here. You can come over tomorrow. I'm…" He paused to check Brian's reaction, before adding, "I'm not going anywhere." There was no comment from the brooding man inside.

In the end, Molly didn't get her way. Steven held onto his luggage as he watched their car drive away. The man stood there looking until the vehicle disappeared from view. Inhaling deeply, he turned around to walk into the dimly-lit alley that would lead to the house that had been home to him for close to twelve years.

With heavy steps, he walked hesitantly. Upon arriving at the airport, Steven could feel a heaviness in his heart. Now, conflicting emotions were taking over the grief that seemed to crush his spirit. The closer he was to home, the more complicated his emotions became. Memories flooded his mind that almost gave him a headache. He remembered everything, the happy, the sad, they all resurfaced now.

"Mr. Steven, long time no see," he heard a voice in the dark calmly greet him. It was dark and Steven tried to make out who had spoken.

He finally made out a bulky man standing at the corner. He stood and behaved like a soldier.

Steven beamed a smile in the dark and replied, "Indeed, it's been a long while." He blew out a

on the same side, whatever happens.

When it came to Molly though, Brian and Eric were on opposing sides. Unfortunately, there was only one Molly. Maybe if he became ruler of Dragon Island, Eric would be better able to protect and shelter the girl.

Meanwhile, Molly laid out three necklaces on the table, all of which she kept inside her drawer. The first, made of a shell, was given by Eric. The other, laden with Spark's Love, was called Sunny Day. And the third was from Brian. Technically, it wasn't a necklace but a wedding ring named the Soul of K that Brian gave her.

Each of the three men differed in character. Eric was dangerous, but he would always be there for Molly when she was sad and alone. Spark was aloof, but it was under his care when he saw her transform from a girl into a woman, and then a mother. Now, Brian was the most indifferent among the three. The thought of Brian made Molly's heart ache. Irritated and in grief, she bit her lips and shut her eyes to hide her pain even with no one around to see it. Concealing her feelings seemed to have become a habit for Molly.

Suddenly, she remembered hearing one remark. It said that if you didn't love, you were able to ignore. Oblivion might make you feel guilty, but never heartache. The person who leaves you heartbroken is the one you love the most. When you love, you can overlook how wrongly he treats you and still find some decency in that person to make it worth staying with him.

This was what she felt for Brian. Molly's lips quivered as she continued to sob. Gritting her teeth, she mumbled, "Brian, you bastard!"

Before she could stop herself, Molly had opened her eyes, grabbed the ring, rushed to the window and hurled it outside. It all happened very quickly yet smoothly. Molly, not fully aware of what she'd done, saw the ring with its tiny blue light twinkling disappear into a cover of darkness.

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