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   Chapter 623 Love Requires Compromise (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8751

Updated: 2019-05-05 18:00

"I miss you," Molly said with little emotion.

She stared at the multitude of stars that lit the night sky.

The truth is she didn't really miss Eric. Yet when he asked, Molly realized there was a place in her heart for this man. It had nothing to do with romantic love. But, there was something about him that stirred her soul.

Eric grinned at Molly's reply. He, too, was looking up at the star-filled sky. With all the meetings of the National Congress and scheming against anti-royalists, he was mostly preoccupied and usually slept just three or four hours a day. He sighed at the reality of his life. It was a responsibility, and he had no choice. Whenever he was free, however, Eric would also think about Molly, and remember the first time they met five years ago, and when they met again five years later.

"Mol," Eric's voice sounded distant. "Thank you for missing me." It meant a lot to hear her say that.

She didn't answer but only held the phone to her ear while gaping at the sky. They were under the same dome even while they were thousands of miles apart.

"It's very late. Go get some rest," Eric gently urged. "Tomorrow is another day," he added.

A smile gradually formed in Molly's lips as she hung up after saying goodbye. Eric was right, she thought. Tomorrow was a brand new day. After today, she could start working again. Molly believed she should be independent, both financially and psychologically. She felt hope.

Slowly, Eric put down the phone and sat lost in thought. The image that formed in his mind was Molly's subdued and exhausted appearance.

"Things must be pretty rough for her these days," he muttered to himself.

Sorrow was etched on his face as he remembered how desperate Molly was that day. Eric stood too close to her not to notice.

He bowed his head and smiled bitterly. Brian had always pointed out that Eric was far behind him where Molly was concerned since the start five years ago, and even five years later. Five years ago, Eric was not good enough for Molly; five years later he came too late because she was already a mother to Brian's child. But his brother was also wrong in some way. It was true that he lost Molly to Brian from the start. Eric wasn't too late for Molly, because she only loved Brian ever since the beginning. It didn't matter if he came five years ago or five years later.

A look of misery gradually replaced his smile. Eric's eyes were full of regret and gleamed with tears. That was fate. He had no intention of ending up like his father. He had tried to take revenge against Brian. But here he was, still wallowi

o anyone looking, it would seem the happy reunion didn't affect him at all.

"Sir," Tony walked over. "There's something odd here. I can sense it," the driver told his boss. Without moving from his position, Brian's eyes scanned the area.

"Edgar is really well-informed," he commented, his eyes still fixed on Molly. "He still wants Molly very badly," he snorted.

Tony made no comment, but eventually asked, "Should we remind Mrs. Long?" Brian wasn't supposed to bring Molly with him to pick up Steven at the airport. The situation these days was too complicated and precarious. But it was her wish to see her father, so Brian yielded in spite of the inherent dangers and amid warnings.

"Let's play this by ear," Brian told Tony. "In the meantime, let Molly be," he added.

Nodding his head, Tony stepped back.

It was a very long time before Steven and Molly broke out of their embrace, and soon the passage was cleared. It was when they had finally settled that Steven noted Brian's presence.

"Mr. Brian… Mr. Brian Long," Steven stuttered. The name evoked fear as soon as it passed his lips. While living abroad these past several years, Steven felt freedom, regardless of the limitations. He was watched and guarded by Brian's men all the time. Daniel's rehabilitation process also showed him how ruthless Brian could be.

In response to Steven's greeting, Brian gave him a glance, his eyes cold as ice, before turning to Molly. Nodding slightly, he walked away. Tony walked over and calmly said, "Mrs. Long, we're ready to leave."

Steven stared at Molly with a perplexed look. "Mrs. Long?" Since when did Molly become Brian's wife? Still puzzled, he looked first at Tony, and then Molly, but neither said a word.

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