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   Chapter 622 To Be Strong (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6460

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"Mom loved him so much that she was willing to end her life for him." Spark reminisced about a particular day. The Calla Lily in the Grace Garden had bloomed and his mother didn't get the chance to look at it yet. During the day, the orange Calla Lily was like an elf that brought people hope. The color, although radiant, reminded him of his mom's death. "It seems that I have not only inherited Mom's musical talent, but also her devotion to love. Even if it meant that I would only get hurt in the end, I would still go back to try again."

Harrow creased his eyebrows. Love was a complicated thing. It wasn't something one could throw away, not even if the person tried. He knew, however, that Spark and Molly were unlikely to have a happy ending and he wasn't prepared to see Spark become sad again. He sighed quietly and tried to change the subject, "Manny is still in the hospital waiting for you. Just go back to the hospital and get the check-up."

Spark leaned against the car again. "Doctors work so hard. Don't they get off work and have some time to themselves?"

"Anything can be bought for the right price," said Harrow, "Even someone's time."

Spark looked at Harrow for a long time before he asked, out of the blue, "Can you lend me some money?"

Harrow didn't know what to say. Harrow analyzed him carefully. He knew that he had paid a high price to buy "Sunny Day" among many other expenses in the previous days. He must have been running short on cash lately. "I won't lend it to you," he answered, "But if you really need it, I would give it to you."

Spark smiled wanly and said, "In that case, just think of it as an investment." After a short pause, he went on, "I've decided to buy a bakery on the opposite side of Sasha Music Troupe."

Harrow shot Spark a dubious look. His intuition told him that Spark had been keeping a secret. He asked, "Was it for your mom or Molly?"

"For the both of the

e answered it.

"Hello, Little Molly," a teasing yet charming voice came from the other side of the phone, "I really miss you."

Molly hated the way Eric spoke but she couldn't find it in her to be angry about it. Instead, the corners of her mouth lifted unconsciously.

"Do you miss me?" asked Eric. He was standing on the rooftop of the Congress on Dragon Island. He looked up to see a dark sky strewn with glowing stars. He heard no answer, only the faint sound of Molly's breathing. "Little Molly," he said, "Can you see the sky at the moment?"

Molly looked up and replied, "Yeah. Yeah, I can."

Eric turned and leaned against the railings. He continued to say, "There are many stars in the sky here in Dragon Island. How about you, Little Molly?"

"There are so many stars here too," responded Molly.

Eric smiled gently, "It must be a nice day tomorrow." He paused. "Little Molly, you haven't really given me an answer. Do you miss me?"

Molly looked at the stars in the sky as she heard Eric's teasing words. A smile which she had been holding back finally crossed her lips. She answered, "Of course, I miss you."

Meanwhile, Brian was about to step into the garden just as the words left her mouth.

He stopped in his tracks, his heart beating erratically.

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