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   Chapter 621 To Be Strong (Part Two)

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"What are you doing?" Brian asked, coming to his senses as he pushed her off.

Defiance flashed in Molly's eyes and a sneer formed on her lips. She said, "Didn't you want to have sex with me just now?" Brian was stunned upon hearing this. She continued to say, "I am your wife. Of course, I must meet your sexual desires. And even earlier when I wasn't your wife, I still did. Although there is no love between you and I, I'll make sure to remember that I am your wife and keep my responsibilities in mind."

Brian got irritated by her words. So furious was he that he thought he was losing his mind. He raised his hand in anger, preparing to slap her in the face.

Molly didn't try to evade it. On the contrary, she smiled wider with taunting eyes, as if to say, "Just do it and let's call it even."

His hand never made it across her face. He hesitated with a heavy heart, his trembling hand still hung up in the air. Gradually, he clenched it into a fist and dropped it to his side.

"Molly, you better remember the things you've said today," Brian said coldly, "Don't you forget your place."

With that, he shot her one last malicious look and then turned around to leave the room.


Brian slammed the door so hard on the way out to release his anger. Molly jolted in shock at the loud sound, dropping her strong act. She sat up-right on the bed, her head raised as she stared at the ceiling with a vacant expression.

Tears slowly escaped her eyes. She clutched her chest tightly, controlling the pain that was eating her insides out. She found it hard to breathe again. It hurt so much.


Spark was leaning against his car lazily. He yawned loudly and folded his arms. It was late at night and he was alone in an empty street. He had his eyes trained on the villa where Molly lived. He had been hoping to catch a glimpse of her, but had no such luck since he began his stakeout. While he yearned to be in her presence, there was nothing else he could do but wait by his car

ing to comfort him. But the distressed look that Spark displayed convinced him to stay silent. It brought back old memories from the past. When they were young, Spark used to live in Grace Garden with his mom. He was once a clever and lovable boy, not as arrogant as he was now. The death of his mother had changed him drastically. He refused to stay in touch with any of his family and completely shut himself away from everyone for two years. He traveled and lived abroad on his own with the violin that his mother left him. Ever since then, he only returned for his mother's memorial each year. Saddened by the memory, Harrow asked, "Why do you even bother with falling in love?"

'Why do I even bother myself with falling in love?' Spark repeated to himself.

Spark lowered his head to hide the resentment in his eyes. Instead of answering his question, he asked back, "Do you think he loved my mom?"

Spark didn't need to explain that he was referring to their dad. Harrow answered, "I'm not sure. But if I had to guess," - he paused - "Even though there wasn't love between them, what they shared was just as precious." There's no way he'd know whether he was right or wrong. After all, it was something only their dad could validate. And perhaps, even Spark's mom didn't know. Or at the very least, she didn't want to know.

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