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   Chapter 620 To Be Strong (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6725

Updated: 2019-05-05 00:12

I am not strong. I always knew that. But despite recognizing that I was weak, particularly around Brian, there were times when I had to act tougher than I really was.


"Brian!" Molly yelled hysterically, shoving him away but to no avail. Her eyes were filled with anguish. Several thoughts crossed her mind all at once. 'I can't believe this. Why did I go back to him?' She thought furiously to herself.

Eventually, Molly stopped resisting his strong grip. Brian watched her carefully as she trembled. She seemed to be on the verge of a breakdown and the sight of it crushed him.

They remained still for a while. Molly looked up at the face which had been carved in her memory and grew short of breath.

Then she blinked and averted her eyes. She was worried that the sight of him would make it difficult to suppress her emotions and burst into tears. Molly hated being a coward around him.

Brian released her hands. His eyes were drawn to her slender body as she curled up on the bed in defeat. Her hair, which had been tied in a ponytail, was now a mess, making her look rather disheveled.

"Molly," Brian called. While Brian's tone may have been cold as usual, deep inside, his heart was shattering.

But Molly didn't respond.

Brian looked at her with a frown.

He raised a hand and grabbed her by the chin, forcing her to look at him. A pale, tear-stained face with bloodshot eyes greeted him. Molly seemed dispirited, like she was somewhere else despite being physically present.

Seeing her like this pierced his heart.

Fear of losing her got the better of him. Before he knew it, he placed his lips firmly against hers. The soft feeling of her sweet tender lips calmed his nerves yet it didn't help relieve his heartache.Not even the kiss could make his worries go away. He was scared to death that she would leave him again, leave him all alone before he could do anything to stop her.

The kiss, however, didn't affect Molly at all. Wearing a passive look, she offered no re

ple who truly loved her. How could she just stand and watch them getting hurt because of her?

Relying on anyone wasn't an option anymore. This problem was hers alone. She didn't want to involve anyone else. When Spark gave up his dream for her, she has had enough. She couldn't afford to have anyone else get hurt because of her.

Brian was disappointed with her. It was at that moment when he realized that he was the only one invested in their love. Molly's feelings were not for him. While he had fallen in love with her deeply, she had never reciprocated his feelings. She had only ever kept that man in her heart.

'It's ridiculous.' he thought.

He felt his chest tighten as it became difficult to breathe. As he tried to regain his composure, he focused on her right hand.

"Where's your ring?" Brian asked, grinding his teeth. He tried not to pay attention to her indifference. As long as she told him that she had kept the ring, even if it was just a lie, it would make him happy.

Staring at him impassively, she didn't answer the question. It was a while before anyone moved. Then she suddenly threw her arms around his neck, and to his surprise, started kissing him. She didn't want to answer him again. When she said she lost it, it didn't mean that she lost the ring, but it was really her heart that she had lost.

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