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   Chapter 618 Conflict And Destruction (Part Six)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6160

Updated: 2019-05-04 08:11

Molly snapped out of her daze and glanced up at the clock on the wall. It was nearly six. The sun was about to set and the sky was getting darker.

Molly nodded so they stood up and stepped out of the tea house. Molly was a bit hesitant because she wasn't sure if it was okay that Spark brought her home. They were way too far from the villa. It would take Molly two hours to get home by bus. To add to that, Molly was a bit scared that Brian would get mad at her if she got home too late and that Spark was the one driving her.

By the end, Spark drove her home and it was already pretty dark by the time they arrived at the villa. So as to not cause any trouble with Brian, they didn't park right in front of the villa.

Before Molly got off the car, Spark told her, "I don't think you're gonna have a hard time with your new job. I actually think you're going to have fun."

Molly gave him a small smile, nodded her head, and then left. After a few steps, Molly turned around and said, "Spark, thank you for your love, thank you for everything you have done for me so far." she said, her voice soft and slow. Spark didn't say anything and just watched her turn around and disappear into the darkness.

He didn't drive off right away. Since he was parked roadside, he had a pretty good view of the night sky. 'Molly, if there was someone who had to get hurt in this love of ours then I'd gladly take all the pain. As long as you're happy and living the best life you can then I don't mind being miserable and lonely.' he thought to himself as he watched her vanish in the yellow light of the night.

Suddenly, a car passed by him. He didn't expect that because this was a private area and there were very few cars would come here except only those who lived in this area. He saw the car stop right beside Molly. He automatically unfas

erless over him and she knew she could never tell him that. "Looks like you fell in the pit you dug yourself," Molly commented snidely.

Brian collected himself as he slowly let go of Molly's face and said, "Molly, don't be so proud. We'll see who falls into the pit."

His voice was so cold and distant that Molly's mind had gone blank and just continued staring at him. She was still dazed when Brian pushed her inside the car.

"Move!" he ordered. Tony, who had been waiting inside the car, started the engine at his order. The car slowly drove off. Brian peeked at Spark through the car's side window, whom still standing idly beside his car. A cunning smile appeared on Brian's face as he turned to Molly. "So, what do you think Spark's feeling right now?" Do you think he'll wait all night? And will he be too scared to leave because he doesn't know what's going to happen to you? Do you think I'm petty if I don't invite him in? How about I tell my guys to welcome him in? Get him some food? Give him a room?" he said sarcastically.

"Brian, stop it!" Molly said, gritting her teeth. She tried to push the door open in an attempt to get out of the car but it had slipped her mind that the car was already moving.

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