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   Chapter 617 Conflict And Destruction (Part Five)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7449

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Spark's face turned white. He sat motionless for a while. Molly was right and he hadn't realized it until then. He couldn't deny that what she said was the truth rendered him unable to move on all these years but he thought that no one else knew or no one else would figure it out. "Mol..." he said, his lips quivering, and his voice shaking.

Noticing the look of hurt in Spark's eyes, Molly couldn't help but feel the pain in her eyes too. "Spark, I know you miss your mom very much. But you have to remember that she never wanted you to spend all these years sad and grieving. She would have wanted you to live your life happily. Don't you want to do that for her? She always wanted you and Harrow to reunite and be close like you were before. After all these years, you've seen him suffer the consequences of his actions and not just once, Spark, he has already suffered enough just like you have. And deep down in your heart, I know you, Spark, you know that it wasn't Harrow's fault at all," she said. There was a tang of sadness in her voice as she continued, "Harrow is your brother and no matter what happened between you too, you can't change that. Please understand him and try to forgive him, please?" she pleaded.

His heart twisted. He just sat there unmoving, his mind trying to process all the emotions he was feeling: pain, hate, longing, sadness, all that he felt for Harrow. He remembered how Harrow had persisted to visit him ever since he had fallen ill despite his unforgiving frigidness. All these years, Spark had hated on and blamed Harrow for everything even though he knew in his heart that it wasn't Harrow's fault. Perhaps, it wasn't Harrow that he hated but just his last name that he resented so much.

"Spark, the past is gone, there's nothing we can do about it anymore. Don't dwell on it, don't waste any more energy on it," she said staring squarely into his eyes, "That includes me too, Spark. You have such a bright future ahead. Nothing is worth compromising that or damaging that. You have to let go and move on and you have to be strong to keep yourself from drowning into your sadness. Just look ahead and move on," she said encouragingly.

Spark furrowed his brows. Meanwhile, Molly

his. She didn't expect him to still be so determined. She gazed back at him for a moment, feeling wretched. She felt helpless as she looked at Spark who used to be so full of life and now, because of her, he had lost all his spirit. She hated this almost as much as she hated herself for it. "What can I do to make you give up?" she cried.

"If it starts to harm you, then I will give up," he said, his lips quivering and his eyes dimming.

"And if I beg you?" she retorted. She sensed him stiffen at her words.

"Then I'll get hurt," he said sarcastically, "because I haven't seen you happy," he added.

"Why are you being so stubborn?" she cried.

A dark look hovered over his face then suddenly, he burst out laughing, "Stubborn? Are you kidding me? If you can keep yourself from loving someone, then that isn't love at all," he argued.

Molly flinched, unsure how she should continue. It felt like no use because he wouldn't listen anyway. Maybe, deep inside, Molly knew she was being a hypocrite as they were just both waiting on something that would never happen. Her mind was snowed under pity and sadness for both her and Spark. "Okay, you have a point," she murmured unconsciously looking down her finger that used to wear Brian's ring. She recalled how she had taken it off the day before and she felt surprisingly upset because she missed seeing that ring on her finger.

"It's getting late, let's get you home," Spark offered as he looked out the window.

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