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   Chapter 616 Conflict And Destruction (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7910

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Lucy smiled brightly, "Yes, it does," she said. "You know this painting is specially painted for you."

Jeff stepped forward a little. His eyes shone golden like the stars glinted in the darkness. "I know, that this was your final work before graduation. You were waiting for me all this time. You and I, together we'll conquer the world together," he said in such a blank tone that made Lucy think if he was just trying to pull one on her.

But even then, Lucy's heart started beating rapidly. He always knew exactly what to do to make her happy. "How dare you come here! There are so many people here," she grumbled in a low voice then eyed him from head to toe. "And looking so dapper! I'd think you'd be here just for the ladies," she said teasingly.

A small, cunning smile formed on Jeff's lips, "Why? I'm assuming Brian doesn't know that I'm here, right?" He was oozing with confidence as he spoke. Then very quickly, he shifted his gaze towards John and Lisa who were chatting with some guests then back at Lucy again. "Well, I didn't just come here for the pretty girls, you know? I also wanted to meet my future mother and father-in-law," he said as he looked squarely into her eyes.

Lucy blushed instantly at his words. Her long, thick lashes shadowed over her large eyes making her look lovelier than ever. "Jeff, don't joke like that," she muttered, averting from his gaze.

His heart melted at the sight of her flushing cheeks. She looked so delicate and enchanting. "You think I'm joking?" he quipped as he gazed into her eyes.

This made Lucy blush even more. Even her neck was red and she could feel a tingle run through her body. Now she really couldn't meet his eyes anymore. She lowered her head and bit her lower lip. Jeff just continued watching her, looking so tender in her shyness. He could feel the tingle run across his body too, his heart beating rapidly, and his loins burning. He leaned towards and whispered in her ear, "Lucy, I missed you so much."

His voice was so close that she could feel his warm breath and it sent chills down her spine. Her lips slightly parted, her face still flushed, and her eyes dilated as he lingered near her. She diverted the conversation, "I, I just got some news from mom," she stammered.

He burst out laughing at how tense she was. Then he said, "I'd like to buy this painting but m

ually. No one stays the same forever, ' she thought.

"Spark, have you moved on?" she asked attentively. He remained silent, not quite sure how and what to answer. She just continued to watch him in her wide, expectant eyes waiting for his answer as if she'd completely forgotten how much he was hurting. To him, though, he would rather suffer throughout his whole life than see her hurt. But he knew her well enough to know that she would get hurt if she found out that he still hadn't gotten over her. And she'd never been good at hiding what she was feeling no matter how hard she tried.

"You want to hear the truth?" he asked softly.

Molly's lashes flickered. For some reason, she hoped that he would say no. She wished that his heart didn't just stop the day she left him. She was torn as to what answer she really wanted to hear from him. But still, she nodded her head, ready to hear whatever answer he had for her.

There was a momentary pause before Spark suddenly spoke in his low, distinct voice, "You know that feeling when you suddenly swallowed a fish bone? And it pricks your throat and it kind of hurts a little every time you breathe or swallow and how difficult it is to pull it out?" He smiled wryly when he finishes speaking, as if his soul was not at ease.

"Is it because of Harrow?" she asked reluctantly.

He was taken aback at her question. He just looked at her when she continued, "I mean, you love him, care about him, and that is the reason why you can't move on from your mother's dying? The words he said was pretty harsh back then."

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